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I haven't seen Lake Ridge but I agree with your predictions based on what I have heard.   I liked Prospers show but Wakelands last movement with Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral sold it to me.

With the way the Frisco area is expanding, the city might as well name a school after me.   Today's Lunch at The Daniel Valdez Academy for the Cray: Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy. Mashed Pot

There GN bound so the sky is the limit for them. I could definitely see them making state.


I believe for the area that Wakeland, Centennial and Prosper fall into got easier with realignment, right? I could be wrong but it seems that 2 years ago the competition was more intense.

Yes, two years ago there was a bit more competition in Area B. However, the realignment caused schools like Birdville and Trinity to move areas.
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I was dismissing Prosper since they haven't been real successful prior to last year.  However, when I noticed who their band director is now I see why they won the HEB contest this year. Centennial's show was clean and well executed at ToC but to me the show was kind of meh, I'm hoping the last song that they add will add some spice to an otherwise stale routine.  The weakness of Centennial's show could provide a door  for Prosper, Wakeland wasn't impressive this year to me, but they always seem to come on late in the year so maybe they'll improve.

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