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They fully earned their final spot with an extremely complex and well-designed show, and their students achieved a lot on the field and had the run of their lives.   Period.

Congrats to the Indiana and Oklahoma winning bands. Great job Avon, tho I personally enjoy your show FAR more than Carmel, and wish you guys had won since a Texas band didn't.   I'm starting to th

It's crazy to me how good Round Rock is and yet that show wasn't enough to make finals in SA. Insanity...

having a dog in the fight I'll forewarn possible bias. I'm looking for bands that march and play at the same time. Can they handle all the movement and keep the sound going so that if you are not watching, you couldnt tell the difference if they had parked. That was my background. Our kids are playing 170+ in the 2nd movement and over 192 at the end. With that said.... I missed Dobyns live. Union later it down. Very impressive and I would have to put them over Round Rock. Blue Springs is close and there was a lot of echoing

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dumb phone....a happening with them. I'd put Flower Mound over Marcus and perhaps squeeze The Woodlands in between. Very electric shows. Carmel is mostly solo and a heard a lot of electronics from our location midway up the 50. BA has the sound and power and their show is mostly in front of the hash and in your face. Avon had a great run tonight but their show style is so different than other. So here goes...Carmel BA Avon mixed in top 3. Still don't get Carmel, being honest. FloMo,Woodlands, Marcus. Union, Castle, Blue Springs, Round Rock, Marion, Dobyns.

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I'm thinking BA, Carmel, Avon, Marcus, FloMo, The Woodlands,.



Visual: Carmel

Music: Marcus


What an amazing last half of finals!


Cool side note: Flower Mound hosted Avon for dinner when Avon was en route to San Antonio. The bands along with members of Marcus became friends. Flower Mound, Marcus, and Avon will be next to each other when they break ranks. Should be a great time.

My daughter was so excited when she found out the order so when they break ranks they could all find each other. #teamTexAvon

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2017 Grand Nationals Finals Results:


Al Castronovo Esprit de Corps Award - Mililani H.S., HI

Rose Parade Invitation - Flower Mound H.S., TX


Outstanding Music Performance - Tie - Broken Arrow H.S., OK & Carmel H.S., IN

Outstanding Visual Performance - Carmel H.S., IN

Outstanding General Effect - Carmel H.S., IN


1st - 97.500 - Carmel H.S., IN

2nd - 96.925 - Broken Arrow H.S., OK

3rd - 96.475 - Avon H.S., IN

4th - 95.700 - Marcus H.S., TX

5th - 95.625 - Flower Mound H.S., TX

6th - 92.725 - Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN

7th - 91.825 - The Woodlands H.S. TX

8th - 91.200 - Castle H.S., IN

9th - 91.175 - Blue Springs H.S., MO

10th - 91.025 - Union H.S., OK

11th - 89.800 - Marian Catholic H.S., IL

12th - 89.625 - Round Rock H.S., TX

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Carmel did it again!


- First band to win 2 years in a row since Avon from 2008 - 2010.


- They are the first band to win 4 national titles besides Marian Catholic.


- Only band in finals to break a score of 97.


- First band IN HISTORY of BOA Grand Nats to win all captions. (Technically tied with BA for music, but still!)


- This makes Indiana's Grand National Championships total to 11 titles.


This competition could have gone many different ways, and I'm glad I experienced it. Could Carmel do a three-peat for next year? Who knows. Congratulations to all the bands, and the (well deserved) 2017 Grand National Champion, Carmel HS (IN)!

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