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Flower Mound sounded great and the sound is consistent while the move. Very clean and captivating. Another show that has grown on me. Love the additions since SA.

I want to see your predictions since you’re watching this in person. Same goes for everyone at the stadium i want to see how y’all rank everyone after it’s over.
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They fully earned their final spot with an extremely complex and well-designed show, and their students achieved a lot on the field and had the run of their lives.   Period.

Congrats to the Indiana and Oklahoma winning bands. Great job Avon, tho I personally enjoy your show FAR more than Carmel, and wish you guys had won since a Texas band didn't.   I'm starting to th

It's crazy to me how good Round Rock is and yet that show wasn't enough to make finals in SA. Insanity...

I'm thinking BA, Carmel, Avon, Marcus, FloMo, The Woodlands,.

Visual: Carmel

Music: Marcus


What an amazing last half of finals!


Cool side note: Flower Mound hosted Avon for dinner when Avon was en route to San Antonio.  The bands along with members of Marcus became friends.  Flower Mound, Marcus, and Avon will be next to each other when they break ranks.  Should be a great time.

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