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2015 BOA Grand Nationals

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The 2015 BOA Grand Nationals Prelims live blog (run by our friends at IndianaMarching.com) can be found here: http://www.musicforall.org/blog/live-blog/live-blog-2015-prelims-grand-national-championships


Semis Blog is at: https://www.24liveblog.com/live/1309218


A Live Video Webcast is available for $ here: http://www.musicforall.org/video/live-webcast-schedule


I will be heading up on Friday to join the IndianaMarching.com crew in the afternoon.


The schedule is available at: http://www.musicforall.org/what-we-do/boa-marching-championships/grand-national-championships

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There were definitely some timing issues from Round Rock (this dome is weird from the field), but overall the performance was at a much higher level than it was at SA. Not the kind of ungodly leap they made two years ago, but still a big step up.


I think a lot of the differences of opinion stem from people that haven't seen them this year not understanding that they have slimmed down and aren't going for that humoungous ear shattering sound they used to have.

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Way to go Keller!!! They did it! I couldn't be more happy for them, I'm sure they're pretty ecstatic over there right now! A very deserving Grand Nationals finalist spot for them!


Really pulling for Hebron to bring that Eagle back to Texas!!! If they can pull it off on their first trip to Indy, my gosh... It still feels like a longshot with them going first and BA going last, but fingers crossed! Regardless of whether they win the Eagle or not though, they've already done something amazing for a first time GN band! Congrats to them! 


Round Rock and The Woodlands were just absolutely STELLAR as well! Huge improvements since San Antonio! I They should both be battling for top 5 spots, which they would both very much deserve! 


And I also of course have to give a shout out to Keller Central on an incredible semi finals performance, and placing in the top 22 in prelims! That's so awesome for them, they have a bright future ahead of them for sure! 


Congrats to all 5 bands once again! What a great year for Texas!

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Finals Results:


Esprit de Corps - Colony (AK)

Outstanding Music Performance - Hebron (TX)

Outstanding Visual Performance - tie - Avon (IN) & Broken Arrow (OK)

Outstanding General Effect - Broken Arrow (OK)


1. 97.50 - Broken Arrow (OK)

2. 97.00 - Avon (IN)

3. 96.25 - Hebron (TX)

4. 95.35 - William Mason (OH)

5. 94.40 - Carmel (IN)

6. 93.70 - The Woodlands (TX)

7. 93.00 - Round Rock (TX)

8. 90.90 - Marian Catholic (IL)

9. 90.25 - Harrison (GA)

10. 89.10 - Blue Springs (MO)

11. 88.70 - Keller (TX)

12. 88.25 - Homestead (IN)

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The semifinals score is amazing, and Hebron was awesome. That said, comparing semis to the other rounds, there are several outliers. I find the scoring that round to be very strange, particularly Harrison's top 6 finish with a score of 94 (!). The judges were very, very generous. I find finals to be the more accurate representation. All the music judges had Hebron in first, but visual performance and GE (and probably their performance time to some extent) cost them the Eagle. Still, you gotta wonder how things would have been different with a more direct comparison.

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