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Hey, so I'm fairly new to this site, and I was just wondering how other bands/people perceived the band I'm in. I go to Mansfield Summit, and I know that in recent years we haven't been all that good (not as good as I'd like us to be, anyway), but I feel like this year we're getting better.


Some of our recent shows are Arabian Nights (2013), Uprising (2011), and The Dark Side of Oz (2010), and they can be found on YouTube. Our current show is Climb with music from Machu Picchu: City in the Sky, and it's actually a lot more visually driven than what we've done in the past. (If I find a video of it I'll post it.) We placed 3rd in prelims and 5th in finals at the Midlothian Marching Showcase, with our guard winning their caption in both.


So this post is getting longer than I wanted it to, but in short, what do others think about Summit? And please also leave your school's name if you feel comfortable doing so.

Thanks in advance. And if there's any advice you have to either me about these forums or to the band, I'll be happy to hear it.

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I'm in Houston so I am not real familiar with your band.I see

you finished 8th at last weeks BOA. This is pretty awesome. So the answer are you a good band is yes. Have fun!!

Not to sound rude or anything, but we didn't (and don't) go to BOA events, so I think you may have the wrong Summit, or perhaps another Mansfield ISD school (there are four others). But thanks anyway.

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Respectfully, I think you're about to find out how good you're band is going to be this year.  They just posted the schedule for the HEB contest and you've got Mansfield, Aledo, and Hebron in that contest who all just made BOA finals. There are also several others that are historically pretty decent.  Most importantly, I truly hope you have a great time and that your band does well. :)

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