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Lake Travis is the only band that won't be there that was an area finalist in 2011 because Lake Travis is now 5-A.  Leander is a new addition because it moved to 4-A.  Here is the latest Cedar Park video.  Both the opener and balad are on the field for the first game and they're moving fast and playing loud as you would expect.


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At Festival of Bands, saw everyone backfield...my rankings for LISD (with appropriate bias to my school)

1. Vandegrift

2. Cedar Park

3. Vista RIdge

4. Leander

5. Rouse


Vandegrift is on fire this year.

I would mostly agree with your rankings.  From the front, I would just have perhaps Vandegrift and CP tied yesterday.  CP just comes out of the gate with VOLUME. And, man the woodwind run in the opener is just jaw-droppingly impactful and their top-to-bottom balance is tremendous throughout.   


Agreed that Vandegrift is also on fire.  Certainly, their ballad when the band locks in on that snowflake set during Journey Through The Snow from The Nutcracker is gorgeous!


Vista Ridge - beautiful arrangement of Scheherezade.  Fantastic sololists (loved the violinist!), superb and really impactful marching during the drum break.  My favorite part is how great the woodwinds sound using the Arabian dance from the Nutcracker to blend in with The Young Prince and Princess from Scheherezade.  Stunning!


Leander - great underwater concept of Beneath the Surface.  Beautiful guard - some great soloists - nicely done!


Rouse - Potential to be captivating, just needs a little more time for the components to gel.


Overall, an utterly fantastic evening of marching.  This was my 11th year of LISD Festival of Bands and in 11 years, I have never seen these groups so prepared, be so far along, and perform so much of their shows this early in the season! 

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Area D is going to be more of a heck hole than I even imagined. Out of the 9 bands there 7 were from 4A Area D, 8 including exibition. Baritonegod44, Lehman played well (referring a post in the Dark Horses thread), and I admit that they have some volume and a very cool show concept, but in the end they got judged second to last. Its not because they are a bad band (my friend from Amarillo was blown away by them, the first hit and all); its just because Area D is so freaking hard. Vista Ridge, Leander, Vandergrift, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, and maybe Hendrickson seem like the strongest contenders out of the bands I have heard.

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