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Welcome Band Parents!


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Hi everyone!


We recently created this forum, which was suggested by a member. I am honestly not sure why we didn't think of this before - I know we have a ton of band parents contributing all over our site, so why not make a special place for you all to discuss everything relating to being a band parent (the best kind of parent!)


Of course this forum will probably change over time based on your suggestions: if you would like to make a suggestion to make this better, please don't hesitate to post in here or email us any time!

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So happy to have a place to ask questions of each other, commiserate over the lack of sleep during marching season, proudly share in our kids' glories. :) Thanks again Alex, for setting this up!!


Little bio for me, my name is Gina and I'm a single parent to a high school Junior. He plays alto sax for the mighty Pride of Pearland Band, and this will be the last State year before my son graduates. We're very excited!! The Pearland Band is very UIL-centric, and we don't do any BoA-circuit stuff. I'm sure hoping they make it to State again... next to the football team winning the State Championship in '10, that was the most exciting time I can remember.


I can't wait for football season to start -- It's like the best of both worlds for me. I'm a giant football nut as it is, then I get to watch my son and the band march at halftime, then get to watch more football. It's like the perfect evening. :wub:


Can't wait to talk to some other band parents here!



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I am a former band parent but an on going volunteer. I was blessed to have two boys choose to participate in marching band over sports with the oldest starting in 2007 and the youngest in 2010. They attended Richland High School and members of the Richland Rebel band. I am an active member of the Richland Area Band Boosters (RABB) and continue to volunteer as one of the truck drivers that gets our beloved trailer know as Big Blue to all events. I have many great memories for each of my sons during their participation and each served as a drum major in their senior year. They were together for my oldest senior season and the youngest freshman season with both marching in the 2011Rose Parade as part of the Birdville Independent School Districts joined band from our three high schools Richland, Birdville and Haltom with over 500 members marching that year.


I love being involved and will start my 11th year this coming August supporting the band and will continue to give my time and money to support what I see as a very vital and worth while program that blessed my children and family. Their are many volunteers that feel as I do in our program that do this because we love to serve. I believe though there our other parents/former parents in other programs that feel the same and just as proud of their efforts but don't seek the limelight nor want to be a distraction from the real reason we do this and that is the kids. Whether my own or all the kids in the current band its their success that is important and anything I can do to support their success is my motivation. Success is not measured in how many trophy's they received nor where they place in a BOA though those are nice. Its more than that because in life we don't always get the trophy or place in top ten.  

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