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I figured I'd chime in on some of the ins and outs of The San Antonio Super Regional coming up this weekend. As a performer and a fan, this will be my 10th BOA San Antonio event that I have attended. In that time, I have acquired some intimate knowledge about the event. I hope this guide gives you a little perspective on what to expect off the field at the Super Regional.



Unless you plan on taking a huge group with you, I strongly recommend that you purchase your tickets at the gate rather than online via Ticketmaster. Here's why:


Friday Prelims Ticket Price (At The Gate): $17

Friday Prelims Ticket Price (Ticketmaster.com): $27.95


Don't you just love those extra online fees and convenience charges? You can save at least ten bucks by standing in line at the gate for five minutes to purchase tickets. Also, Music For All is offering all sorts of discounts for students, senior citizens, and Active Duty Military. http://www.musicforall.org/programs/region...et.Discount.pdf


Super Ticket (Two Day Prelims Pass/Reserved Finals Ticket): $48

Everything Separate (Friday and Saturday Prelims/Reserved Finals Ticket): $64


Save yourself $16 by purchasing the Super Ticket, even if you don't plan on sitting in the Reserved Seat for Finals. A lot of the time, people will be so tired by Saturday night that they won't want to deal with standing in line for two hours before Finals. It's much easier to have the option of taking your time and knowing that you have a seat all to yourself in the upper deck. Besides, no one has been kicked out of General Admission seating in Finals just because they had a Reserved Ticket.



Parking at the Alamodome is $10, with no in and out privileges. Unless you have a reserved space at a garage, good luck finding a lot with in and out parking in Downtown San Antonio. There are a few lots within a few blocks of the Alamodome that offer parking for $5.


- Consider a parking meter. There are some meters as you head straight out of the main entrance of the Alamodome. There are also some down Durango Blvd. on the west side of I-35. A quarter buys you about an hour on a 10-Hour Meter. Any meter is free after 6:00 P.M. so keep that in mind while you're shoving change down the slot.

- Stay away from parking across the street at a local business. Although some do offer paid parking, usually around $10, the "lots" tend to be horribly cramped, which leaves your car vulnerable to damages. Don't even think about parking at one of the houses across the street. You can be towed and fined.

- No matter where you park, be sure to read any and all signs carefully. Many parking lots are very stingy about their policies and won't think twice about having your car booted.



Aramark is the company who provides the concessions at The Alamodome. I hate their freakin' guts. Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut go for about six bucks. A bottle of water goes for about $3.25. The closest eatery is Bill Miller's BBQ, but be prepared to deal with an overcrowded restaurant and questionable food quality. Here are some tips to lessen the frustration of eating at the Alamodome:


- The Riverwalk is a huge tourist attraction. If you choose to have a sit down meal there, allocate a lot of time to do so.

- Avoid eating at Rivercenter Mall. The mall is packed on a normal weekend. Imagine how packed it will be this coming weekend.

- Try your best to have a big meal before entering the dome. Scientists at Oxford University have proven that viewing marching contests is the single most hunger-inducing activity a human can engage in. Combine that with astronomical prices and you have a recipe for some shocked faces when checking your account balance the following day.

- If you choose to eat at the dome, try the nachos. You'd be surprised how much those things fill you up. The drinks they offer are pretty large, too.

- I'm not going to sit here and tell you to sneak food in, since it is against Alamodome policy to allow outside food or drink. However, I will tell you that every year that I have taken my laptop bag, only one pocket has been checked.




- Shut the heck up during performances. Get off your cell phone. Avoid long conversations during performances.

- If you're going to say something bad about a show that's going on, keep in mind that there could be a parent from that program sitting right behind you.

- I understand that parents want to all sit together in one massive group. However, putting down 100 pieces of construction paper on each seat to call it "your" section is frowned upon.

- The Director's Viewing Area is roped off for a reason. You should see how many people's eyes light up when they see a block of twenty seats right on the 50, only to be disappointed by the yellow murder tape surrounding the area.

- Be respectful when standing in line to get into Finals. At that point in the day, everyone is tired and very irritable. A negative comment about a program can ignite a shouting match, which I have personally witnessed at many marching events at The Alamodome.

- Try to clap for everyone. Nothing pisses me off more than a person who will incessantly talk through every single show and then give you the Look of Death if you so much as breathe during the only show that they care about.


Wait, can someone link this study done by the Oxford University, I cannot tell if this is sarcasm or not. But if not, could Dan link this study???

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I think a good addition would be about the clear bag policy that was not in effect in 2009. Makes the unsanctioned food sneaking a little tougher.



I have noticed that they never say anything about the granola bars I put in mine, though. Maybe it’s just fast food they don’t want you bringing in?

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