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Found 5 results

  1. I haven't seen a thread about this but this can be the thread to discuss who might be coming to next years Grand National Championships. Here's a list of who might be coming from Texas. Bands Confirmed to be attending: Leander Round Rock Bands on a Rotation Year that will likely be attending: The Woodlands Bands highly likely to be attending but not confirmed: Hebron Vandegrift Bands rumored to be attending: Keller Claudia Taylor Johnson Vista Ridge
  2. Okay, I know it's early, but I'm already getting excited about the Grand Nationals for 2015! I'm curious about which bands from Texas will be going. So far, I have heard from direct sources that both Round Rock and Cedar Ridge are going again. That's 2 so far. I've heard from a source in Indianapolis that also Bowie, CTJ, and The Woodlands may be attending. That would make 5 if that rumor is true. I'm guessing that there may be others, maybe Marcus, LD Bell, and maybe even Hebron. And there could be others! If we have 7 or more of our top Texas bands go to the Grand Nationals, this could b
  3. Why not? Flower Mound has told its students and parents that it will attend in 2017. Anyone else confirmed (or even rumored)?
  4. BOA has posted the initial participant lists for the fall contests. In several cases, it states that there are more bands listed than there are slots and some will go on the waitlist. San Antonio has 70+ listed right now. Grand Nats is loaded – wow. McAllen (Sept. 17) http://www.musicforall.org/11-regionals/mcallen-tx-regional Austin (Sept. 24) http://www.musicforall.org/item/847-austin-tx-regional Conroe (Oct. 1) http://www.musicforall.org/11-regionals/conroe-tx-regional DFW (Oct. 8) – No location yet http://www.musicforall.org/11-regionals/dallas-fort-worth-tx-regional
  5. I just saw the list of bands currently signed up for the 2014 Grand Nationals. So far, only 1 Texas band is going -- Flower Mound HS. It's been a while since we only had 1 participant. Here's what we had in previous years: 2013 - The Woodlands 2013 - Round Rock 2013 - Marcus 2013 - LD Bell 2013 - Cedar Ridge 2012 - Bowie 2012 - Reagan 2011 - The Woodlands 2011 - CTJ 2011 - Spring 2010 - LD Bell 2010 - Stephen F Austin 2010 - Cedar Park 2010 - Winston Churchill 2009 - LD Bell 2009 - Marcus 2009 - The Woodlands 2009 - Bowie 2008 - LD Bell 2007 - LD Bell
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