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Found 5 results

  1. Deffffinitelyyyyy early for accurate predictions, but all-state etude books are being released today at 8am. I've also noticed that repeating etudes every 5 or so years is a pattern, seeing as two of the horn etudes for 2019-2020 were from 2013-2015. ?
  2. Any thoughts on who will make it to Area in Area C this year?
  3. I'm super curious on everyone's predictions for the Region F competition and who everyone thinks will make it to State Finals!! Please post all you want to this chat! Fill free to post your top 10!
  4. Heard that there is a possiblity that Area contest (at least for area c) will be moved to Monday because of rain. Any updates/opinions on this? Not sure if it's true, just a rumor.
  5. Hey folks! Hope everything is good with everyone. So, we're basically at the peak of the marching band season and I thought that we could maybe discuss a little about how you all think Area/State will look like this season. Of course, you can say that it's still a lil too early to make those type of predictions but there's been contests to give us enough insight and resource as to where we think bands are at this point. What programs do you all think are Area Finals/State qualifying contenders? Who has impressed you so far? Will there be any new faces, any up-and-comings or will the typical reigning programs do it again? I'm eager as to what you all have to say. Please keep it classy, thank you.
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