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  1. Hello! The Boston Crusaders have an opening for a baritone player and an opening for a trumpet player to fill-out our line for the 2022 season. If you are interested in spending your summer with us, please send me an email at jarrettlipman@gmail.com. Thanks! JL
  2. @justabandkid94 You are wise - many kids and parents read the posts. Most do not comment. While it is good practice for all to learn to embrace critique and praise simultaneously - it is always helpful to remember just about everyone is working towards the same thing - being great at marching band. The variance of opinions is exciting - it is no different judging. The mix of adjudicators with different opinions - the audience reaction - all of it keeps a contest interesting. There is also a great benefit in not taking anything too seriously - or too personally - when it comes to rankings, ratings, opinions, etc. It’s an art form, it will always be subjective - there will always be some who love, some who hate - but … as long as they’re talking? Well, that’s pretty cool!
  3. Just a note to say thank you for the incredible support on the forums this past weekend. The bloggers for TXbands were so uplifting and complimentary, and all of our kids and parents appreciate that love. It is hard not to experience wonder and awe when you consider how blessed we are as a state to have so many incredible programs. To have something like TXbands alongside of that is equally special. The criticism, banter, discussion, and engagement on these forums is always interesting to read through the year and speaking personally, has impacted many design discussions and sparked conversations with our staff on what we can do better. Thanks again for the love through the nationals process. It really added a lot for our community.
  4. @Rubisco I am teasing ... I enjoy very much reading your write ups through the years and know you don’t take things personally or I would not respond. It is always a great part of the off season to enjoy reading people’s analysis of things and we learn a lot through the reactions we get and how people respond (or do not) to what we put on the field. @Banddad ... settle down over there :-)
  5. Hi! It’s been cool to see some discussion - and some interesting perspectives on the show. Not sure if it’s based on video or actual performances. Either way … normally I don’t post much, but since there’s a bit of chatter I want to offer this perspective. Tremendous Sea of Love … a show about hope. It is not connected to DJT. It connects to a Passion Pit album Darryl and I like. A show that honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Bobby Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of their death, while also paying homage to the strength and beauty of our nation, and the bright hope that students inspire for the future. Those who know us … a show about a rabbit … a show about dancing … a show about a lizard .. a show about a forrest … while there are some deep meanings … sometimes it’s face value. The beginning of the show starts on calm waters … The three ships encounter terrible storms. The storms are a metaphor for the shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King - you’ll hear riot sound effects that parallel the anger the country felt, like thunder and storms on the sea. Bobby Kennedy’s words the night of MLK’s death remind us that “we have faced difficult times as a country … we will face difficult times again” The ships come through the storms and out into open waters. The ballad .. the water is wide .. represents the division the country faced and has faced … and how through MLK’s vision for love … we could unite America. You’ll see the two sides of the field come together and unite. The closer … celebrating love as American’s. Reagan reminds through his words about the strength and resolve of the American People, who can achieve anything. This parallels King and Kennedy. In an effort to NOT be political and appeal to all sides, President Reagan’s quotations focus mainly on all americans having the ability to love one another, love their country … and achieve anything we set our minds to do. The three ships - at the end - discover America. We can make it through any storms. Including this message thread :-) Enjoy sailing the Tremendous Sea of Love with us … Thanks, Jarrett
  6. Hi Yes -- Claudia Taylor Johnson is only planning to participate in prelims for area. We have been talking to Dr. Kent over the last few weeks about the best way to proceed without potentially affecting other schools and it seems that was the best compromise. We began planning our nationals trip during the fall of 2014 knowing it would be a state year but not fully prepared for the decision to split state into two days, which we think is awesome ... but makes for an even longer week for our band members and the potential for up to four days of missed classss for them. We also want our truck and equipment to have ample time to travel / drive and with the potential for weather that time of year we really want our vehicles to leave Tuesday night and not mid day weds. We love us some band ... but want our band members fully rested and charged for Indy. We don't go very often and want the trip to be very special and have them fresh for it. We will be staying to watch area finals and cheer on the other groups and for future will not plan to do nationals on a state year again. We are appreciative of Dr. Kent's understanding and support and are excited for the weeks ahead! #teamTexas will be strong at nationals Jarrett Lipman
  7. Hi -- thanks for the kind words. Sorry hard to tell much backfield ... but we are plugging away. We did not in fact drop out of UIL ... Happy Sunday!
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