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  1. Maybe we should talk about bands that will have a shot of making finals, not so much bands that ALWAYS make finals, thats no fun.
  2. I don't understand why Duncanville isn't big talk this year, should be a bloodbath for finals. Locks? Darkhorses? contest is two weeks away!
  3. O'Connor High school got new uniforms this year. A much different approach we've had since the school opened.
  4. they did go over time but the judges started the clock a few seconds before their pre-show was over so i don't believe a penalty was received.
  5. a lot of the bands that played first in the morning got first banded, O'connor's scores (out of 100 in each category) 50 50 50 50 50.
  6. no, but what do i know, i saw marshall in the middle of the season and i was not impressed with their show, spacing issues, phasing, if they want to make finals their really gonna have to step it up for area but it will be very tough for them. but best of luck to them and any other bands competing
  7. Who do you will make finals and or state this time around?
  8. O' Connor Drumline is wreckin this year, we placed 1st at the NISD marching festival this past weekend by 10 points.
  9. We got a few surprised up our sleeve this year, you just wait and see!
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