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  1. Really out of topic from the current shows for 3A 2A and 1A marching contests that are currently underway. Just wanted to mention that people seem to forget that Highland Park HS in Dallas overtook Richland at the Mansfield Preview of Champions. Really early competition and Richland blossomed since then, but do not count out Highland Park HS, Dallas for the top 10.
  2. http://www.nshsband.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/TOC-2017results.pdf Results are posted on their website...
  3. Seems as though somebody is back in town at TOC... Ayyyeeee.. Congrats to all the other bands as well!
  4. Does anyone know which bands are going to participate at this competition. I know it is a very small competition this year but still wanting to know. This is the contest I am talking about just for reference. I know Mansfield is participating, but thats about it. http://www.misd.gs/Domain/481
  5. Oh thought it was Arlington Bowie~ Austin Bowie would be in there on 5th or 6th
  6. Top 5 is the battle between Keller, Hebron, Flower Mound, LD Bell and Marcus.. (Wakeland and Coppell do have a chance in the top 5 as well) The Bottom 5 is going to be a fight between Wakeland, Keller, Plano East, Waxahachie, Coppell, Winston Churchill, Mansfield, James Martin, Aledo, L.V. Berkner, Keller Central and Keller Fossil Ridge, Timber Creek and Colleyville Heritage! But at the end of the day, everyone participating is a winner and performing to the crowd is the best moment in marching band.. Yall have fun out there!! And BE WEIRD <3!
  7. Man. So much variety now.. Hey Bands of America... Make a Grand National that is exclusive for Texas. (UIL I AM TALKING TO YOU TO! 10 IS NOT ENOUGH!)
  8. I've been looking for the Midlothian Marching Contest Schedule and haven't really seen anything. Anyone got the schedule and if they don't; Anyone at the contest post results as they come?
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