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  1. There are some exciting new activities and events coming out of DCI this summer, one of those being Drumline Battle. We are lucky enough to have 2 of those events in Texas this summer! The Dallas event will be on the Southlake Town Square, June 16th. Check out the event page for more info. http://www.crossmen.org/drumlinebattle
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnMC2cg5R48
  3. I am proud to announce DCI's newest drum corps...THE COUCHMEN
  4. I think THIS piece is really cool http://soundcloud.com/zach_ashcraft/hymn-for-the-forgotten
  5. Hey folks! This sunday at 3:30 central time I'll be giving my senior trumpet recital at the University of denver. I will be playing music from all time periods starting with Vivaldi going all the way to today with two pieces I wrote utilizing electronics. If you'd like to watch you can view the broadcast at the link below! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/crossfade-musical-productions
  6. Hey Folks. I just finished a piece for brass quintet - its a tribute to the veterans of the Korean War - also known as "the forgotten war." Give it a listen! And if you'd like to play it...go here! http://web.me.com/bellbrass07/Brassworks/Compositions.html
  7. Here's what I've read so far: "The Academy - (RE) for every action there is a reaction Fugue in G Minor (Little Fugue)... Bach See who else played this Lux Aurumque... Eric Whitacre See who else played this Blue Devils Blue Knights Blue Stars Bluecoats - It's A Brave New World OR something else, possibly "The Iron Stable" Music will include Creep by Radiohead Boston Crusaders - Revolution Selections from Les Miserables... Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schonberg See who else played this 1812 Overture... Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky See who else played thi
  8. Check out his trombone concerto he recently posted on his site, awesome stuff http://www.ostimusic.com/TbnCto.html
  9. For what its worth... Cadets 07 had no ballad, and that show was AWESOME
  10. BOA Doesn't have a colorguard caption, but some kind of visual/music effect might be a nice addition
  11. I agree! though I may be a shade biased....haha
  12. This piece is for flugelhorn (or trumpet) and electronics. Enjoy! If you'd like to buy the sheet music, let me know
  13. I know literally dozens of members in the organization I could contact or call within the next few minutes.
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