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  1. Yep! NB’s 2007 show was essentially Churchills 2002 show. Different ballad. NB’s show was titled “75 Seasons” in honor of it being their 75th season. They were 1st runner up for 4A State at Area D.
  2. Do you know anything about her history? She has created the most successful Colorguard program in the entire state of Texas and I can’t seem to find anything about her.
  3. Which is, I’m pretty sure, the first ever Scholastic world class medal for a Texas guard.
  4. If we're showing up right as Finals begins do you think we will have trouble parking/getting in? I remember 2019 being a huge line to re-enter the stadium.
  5. The schedule was made in order of sign up. So earlier you signed up, later you perform.
  6. Wow, that's terrible. :/ Well good to hear they're still up there.
  7. What ever happened to Poteet? They were a power house when I was in high school, which was just 05-09
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