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  1. Holy these last couple of bands are amazing! I personally just from the eye test I have 1. BA 2. TWHS 3. Avon 4. Marcus (this is how I would have it not a prediction just what I think)
  2. Oh my goodness THE WOODLANDS!! As of rn before BA show they are the ones to beat!!
  3. I did not neither did the people I went with we were all just going to enjoy the show but it was not there best run since one of the Mellos fell in one of there first 2 movements. 😂
  4. Does anyone have the prelims score sheet? If so can you please send it to me I am really curious on how all the TX bands placed. (Thank y'all for telling me that recaps are hidden until after prelims I kind of forgot 😂)
  5. I went to The Woodlands send off for grand nats and I will say this y'all are under estimating them. You can tell that band is out to win it all they have a vengeance to win it all. I have BA first but TWHS second with Avon third and FloMo 4th. I may be way wrong but from what I've seen this is what my gut is telling me.
  6. I honestly just got into this stuff and I was really impressed with The Woodlands College Park this year especially after the rough 2 years they've had. I really liked there trumpet soloist he was pretty good. In the rankings they were ranked pretty high in the visual ensemble (13th and 14th) which is pretty interesting since I do not remember them as a visual ensemble band I see them more as a band who can throw it down on music. Anyone else find CP really interesting this year and possibly see them as a band to watch out for in the coming years?
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