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  1. Exactly!!!! I felt like they had a much better run than yesterday. And their music was on fire. Glad to see what the woodwinds score came up though.
  2. Wow scores were WAY different today than yesterday. I felt that some of the bands had their best runs today yet scored lower.
  3. They felt a little off to me. This was not their best run, but still a great performance
  4. Flower Mound was sooo entertaining! I loved all the colors and props. Feels like a musical production.
  5. I agree! Reagan sounded so powerful and that brass from cedar ridge is great
  6. Reagan sounded amazing on the field!!!! We are off to a great start in the competition.
  7. My Husband was able to buy tickets at the box office yesterday afternoon right before our daughters performance. He also had tried to buy online, but Ticketmaster was not selling because the event was already in progress. It was much cheaper at the box office without all the fees.
  8. I noticed that Edinburg North’s uniform was mostly black. Their colors are navy blue and gold. I do enjoy to see some of the brighter colors out there
  9. They sounded great, but the show was a little messier than usual IMO.
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