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  1. Reagan had a string of bad luck. First, the fireworks during their performance on Saturday night and then the electronic failure today. The kids played through it like champs. Tough break for sure.
  2. Thats what aim thinking too. At first, I thought that Reagan and Vandy didn’t make finals and I knew it couldn’t be right.
  3. TWHS!! Wow just wow. My favorite show of the night so far!!! Their guard is top notch! Loved the low brass ensemble at the end. Great show!
  4. Was the mic for the bassoon box off? I couldn’t hear them.
  5. Did CTJ sound a little off in the closer, or was that just me? Not a fan of the singers, but the liked the visual aspect for sure.
  6. I thought Cedar Ridge was one of the best a few weeks ago, but the other bands have really stepped up and improved on their shows. Great performance from CR! Not sure if they will break into the top half, but we shall see.
  7. Those spinning unicorns from Pearland made me dizzy! Loved how they made use of the entire field.
  8. I really enjoyed Coppell’s show. Loved the ballad and visual woth the heart.
  9. Cedar Ridge’s brass sound is amazing! They will be tough to beat for sure.
  10. Wow!!! Pearland is massive. Their show is so good.
  11. Reagan killed it!!!! The music is on a whole other level. And those colorful flags at the end were amazing. Great job.
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