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  1. I think Carroll places higher than where you have it and Westlake places lower than where you have it
  2. Wowza 12 out of 12 as long as you know that SURPRISE really meant Southlake (they both begin with "S")
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets now
  4. Yes... But playing it in November... That resonated with the crowd. Also, it is unseasonably cold in San Antonio right now (for San Antonio that is)
  5. Oak Ridge was awesome! Christmas music was very seasonal.
  6. So what are your predictions so far? Still this? Not in this order Vandegrift Ronald Reagan SURPRISE!! FloMo CT Johnson Hebron Marcus Vista Ridge Cedar Ridge Keller Westlake Coppell
  7. Here's looking to some unexpected finalists! Looking at you Southlake Carroll and Timber Creek!
  8. Congrats to Southlake Carroll! A phenomenal year for all y'all. I am thinking you will make finals at State. To slightly misquote Bette Midler, you have the wind beneath your wings!
  9. This is such an unusual year. So many of the pre-season "locks" like LD Bell, Duncanville etc. are not gonna be there. So many new names. Maybe this is the great reset and as King Arthur said to Sir Bedivere, "The old order changeth, yielding place to new."
  10. Thanks! That makes sense. Wonder why more schools are not doing that.
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