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  1. Dude!! You were on the money at the UIL. You have to give us your feedback on the Prelims. Don't do a play by play... but atleast predict the semi-finalists. Also, I repeat, go to Vegas and bet on this. If they don't take your bet, fly to Ireland or the UK. They will give you odds on ANYTHING.
  2. WOW! That is stunning. Assuming these positions broadly hold, we have a few surprises going to the UIL Finals...
  3. You were FANTASTIC @Dallas Hobbs . I rate you 12/12 as you had Lake Highlands, Berkner and Martin in your 3 team bubble. You cannot get any closer than that!! Now, I am very VERY curious to see the recaps to see how close you got to the actual standings. BTW, quit your day job and get into Band Betting (if there is such a thing in Vegas). Well done!
  4. Would love to see the point difference between the finalists...
  5. @Dallas Hobbs is constantly updating his predictions in his original post on page 8. Many thanks to him!!
  6. Duncanville out of the top 6? You are making some bold predictions here 😃
  7. I think Carroll places higher than where you have it and Westlake places lower than where you have it
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