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  1. On Hornrank Wakeland is now ahead of Westlake so i guess they are now the favorite to win, @yayband914 was truly ahead of the times.
  2. I was asking about any other medal contenders for my predictions, i need those points baby. Of course anything can happen on the day of event but its fun to try to guess what’s going to happen before hand. I don’t think its “bad” to try to predict these things, its what we do
  3. Is it correct to assume Westlake is the favorite to win this? I haven’t seen Carroll this year so maybe they could contest based on last years results. Otherwise Westlake looked far ahead of Westwood in Austin and unless some out of state band is really good I don’t think anyone else is close.
  4. I love when people try to illegitimize the performances of thousands of teenagers because their personal ranking of the bands was different than the judges panel. This happens every year on these forums and it disgusts me
  5. I’m asking because it seems every event they get leaked early
  6. I thought the awards ceremony was supposed to start at 4:15 why are they delaying it in this heat?
  7. I actually liked Westwood a lot, visuals and music were really good! Trombone feature was neat and the soloists were good. Their show design was a bit confusing though
  8. It’s a cold night in October and far away from home for a lot of bands, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s like last year and there are a lot of upsets across area especially considering a lot of the bands have historically. Remember how vista ridge won this last year and finished behind both Westlake and Vandy at state. Performing when it’s in the 50s is never the same as in the Alamodome.
  9. Is there anyway to see past performances on box5? I swear you could with flomarching when they were the ones streaming
  10. Reagan broke the record at boa San Antonio without any props, I don’t think at any event props play a major factor in scoring as you know, marching fundamentals and music are sorta important
  11. No but some basic content has been leaked like 1 is really ahead of 2, 13-16 also given
  12. round rock was a point behind pearland at san antonio, who didn't make it to finals today
  13. I swore utsa had one at their area h exhibition
  14. Vandy looked a bit exposed going after Hebron, not sure if it’s because of that but they looked uncharacteristically messy visually
  15. Everyone say it with me, bands can have different performances between prelims and finals. Bands can also have different levels of improvement between contests. You are not guaranteed anything based on your past performances, and it would be stupid if you were. If you cannot comprehend basics about marching band, you should not be complaining. There a thousand different factors to a performance, and everyone needs be on top of their game as in districts like this only your best performance can get you in.
  16. I would say pearland and sl have a greater chance at making it over either Bowie or rr, and I would also say westlake is with this group considering BOA Austin/Katy and also the recent result at area (being very close to Vandegrift)
  17. Bands can have different performances in finals and prelims, how is this hard to understand? Small changes while playing can lead to big score discrepancies, not to mention the weather. It’s also an interesting take that anything you disagree with is a farce 😐
  18. So many bands are so close together at previous competitions so its so hard to guess and it’ll be very interesting to see who used these final weeks the best I assume we’ll 1-5 Vandegrift, Ronald Reagan, Woodlands, CTJ, Hebron 6-11 Marcus, Vista Ridge, Cedar Park, Cedar Ridge, Leander, Rouse(Such wildcards, from medaling at Austin to being a point behind Leander at the marching classic) 12-14 Round Rock, Keller, Pearland Just out : Westlake, Bowie, cypress woods, seven lakes, Lake Travis, Westwood but honestly the last 3 spots could be grabbed by almost anyone out of these bands
  19. Not to be rude or anything, but how much parents do can not change much. For example basically on of the richest schools in Austin, Westlake, has a massive fundraising program, but struggles to even reach finals in San Antonio. Compare that to Vandegrift, who have been one of the best bands. If you go to band practices at different schools you can see the difference in how the bands rehearse. The idea that the reason CTJ one of the top bands because they have two synthesizers (btw a lot of bands have these) and not because of the hard work kids put in is crazy. The reason kids get disheartened when performing after CTJ, Reagan, Vandegrift and others is because they almost look like robots while marching and playing, not because they have a grand piano.
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