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  1. With Mr. Howard leading the district's fine arts program, we can be assured that all of Leander ISD's amazing band programs will continue to be well supported. Excited to see who he chooses as his replacement. I've heard a lot of rumors, but we'll just have to see.
  2. Mike Howard announced to the Vandegrift Band this morning that he has accepted the position of Fine Arts Director for Leander ISD. While we are all happy for him, and know he is not going far (Vandegrift is in Leander ISD), there have been a lot of tears shed by students and parents today. Mr. Howard started the Vandegrift Band program when the school opened with only about 40 students. It now has over 400 students and is one of the best, most respected, and highly regarded high school band programs in the nation. For those who don't have the pleasure of knowing him, he is an incredible teacher, a wonderful example, an amazing leader, and just an exceptional human being. Mr. Howard often tells the students that the Vandegrift Band is better because they were in it. The truth is, we are all better people because he led it.
  3. Vandegrift is not going. They're going to the Macy's Day Parade this year.
  4. My heart breaks for the Andrews Band and everyone involved. At the end of the day, we are all one big band family. Such a huge loss.
  5. I appreciate this sentiment, but as a Vandegrift parent with a kid who went to Grand Nats in 2019, I can honestly say that we knew darn well that if Reagan would have gone to Indy, we very well may not have won. And we were all totally OK with that. Reagan had an AMAZING show that year. We didn't see it as taking anything away from Vandy to recognize how good they were. Reagan has an amazing band program. The kids and directors in both programs (and all of these programs, really), completely support each other. I have never seen any of them sad because they "lost." Instead, they are happy for those who won. Heck, Tuesday afternoon before retreat, my kid, who is IN the Vandy band, said she hoped Hebron won because "they are really good." And that's the way it should be. As our amazing director always says, it's not about competing, it's about performing.
  6. I saw a picture of our Vandegrift uniform team (all volunteers, BTW), in the parking lot, repairing and sewing the uniform of a Cedar Ridge band member, while they were still wearing it. Love that. We're all truly one big band family.
  7. This. Vandegrift does black shoes for several reasons. One, our school colors are black and silver. Two, they look good with our black bibs/pants. Our kids wear those pants every year and with every uniform. They wear them with their regular "non-show" shirts, and then each year, they get a new shirt specific to that year's show. It cuts down somewhat on costs by using the same bibs / shoes. Three, it takes a monumental effort to tailor uniforms for 400 kids, even just show shirts. Having to tailor 400 new bibs every year would be an even bigger task. Our uniforms team starts working in summer to get all incoming freshmen fitted for regular uniforms, shoes ordered, etc. Then they have all the kids that grew 6 inches in the last year. Then they have to tailor all 400 show shirts for each kid. Honestly, I don't know how they do it. They are amazing. I couldn't imagine adding more work to that.
  8. Honestly, I think Hebron and Vandy are pretty evenly matched talent wise. They are both just amazing. I will even throw CTJ in there too. They're all so good. I think results really just reflect judges' preferences. Probably shouldn't, but let's be real - some judges just prefer certain styles. And each of these schools have a definite, distinct style. I think CTJ's unconventional style has cost them, which is a shame because they are REALLY good. But some old-school, traditional judges probably score lower because of it. I would not at all be upset to see CTJ win tomorrow or take the title in Indy.
  9. I love CTJ's show. They definitely have a style, and it's unconventional, but I'm here for it. I've seen their show several times this year, and it's one of my favs.
  10. I heard we received a penalty, but that is absolutely just a rumor, don't know if it's true.
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