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  1. You should look into Unison as well, including the Steve Goodson Unison which is a custom build, really rare and hard to find these days. In my opinion, the standard models of Unison work really well compared to Selmer's. If you are looking at a budget of $1,000 - $2,000ish, i'd recommend getting a stock unison.. but if you are in the neighborhood for $3,000 to $4,000, i'd definatly go with the upper echelon's of the Selmer's such as the Mark VI.
  2. In TMEA when we do auditions for all-state, at all the different levels, we have 5 judges, with the high and low being dropped. I would like to have a similar method, it's just that 10 judges, 5 music and 5 marching would probably be too costly and maybe a little unorthodox, but probably a more accurate opinion could be deciphered, even with difference of opinion between the judges.
  3. I had a friend who had a cyst removed over the summer, and it didn't really hurt him in any way.
  4. I was replying to Aaron67, my apologies for the confusion. I was basically saying that the high and low would not work out with the current (3 music, 2 marching) UIL format.
  5. But the UIL judging system of inconsistent ranking as opposed to raw scores is what is bothering people. Many bands deserve to make the finals roster, but only a select few make it in. Although all these bands did deserve it, the ranking system chose bands who in many people's opinions were less deserving than others. Seeing Ronald Reagan getting I believe a 23 and a 4 in music isn't just "difference of opinion." Difference of opinion would look like 4 and 7, not close enough to be state champ (4) and close enough to question advancing (23). Same thing happened with Akins, 2 and 21. You also can't drop the high and low since the judging format wasn't built for that. The judging panel would have to be larger and maybe designed differently, because for 3 music and 2 marching, you can't drop a high and a low. You can't drop a high and a low with two categories mixed together either. Dropping a high or low marching score would leave only 1 opinion on a bands marching, and that opinion could be biased and wrong. There'd have to be more judges and a different designed for the high and low to take place, so it would not be the same if we just dropped the high and low based on those results.
  6. I think Duncanville get's it because they had two ratings of two.
  7. Aside from the enjoyment we get from contests and football games, our band program usually tries to plan a non-required social event once per every six week grading period (6 in total ) and in the summer. Usually this could be anything from a pool party, a DCI Trip, a Banquet, A general Party, a Lock-in, and of course our Spring Trip.
  8. The Tuba solo in the jazz section of Jai Ete a Bal is good solo for a concert band piece.
  9. Applying fundamental concepts to music helps a lot. A lot of bands work really hard on the fundamentals, and focusing on all the possible aspects of music or marching and isolating them in exercises to train students. Established fundamentals can be transfered to music or marching which explains the way some bands sound and the lack of sound some bands may have despite the talent in their program.
  10. A lot of the times they see which band has a rating closest to first place, and whichever one has the one closest is the one that wins.
  11. If you constantly think about everything your directors tell you, and try to apply all the concepts that will make you better, and hold yourself to a standard of excellence, band should never be boring.
  12. I'm interested to see Westfield due to their impressive jump back into the picture after having some bad times.
  13. And Martin, how many Heat players consistantly make free throws besides Dwyane Wade? And how many consistantly make free throws on the Mavericks, including the person who has the record for most free throws in a play-off season, beating i believe, Michael Jordan. Compared to the Mavericks, the Heat are the ones who need to step up their free throw shooting as a collective whole.
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