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  1. Obviously bands can make mistakes on different runs. And obviously the past doesn’t guarantee the future. OBVI. That’s not what I was referring to. When all things are pretty equal, and you get wildly different results, that is very curious. My point is that BOA scoresheets seem more consistent from judge to judge. Not always but usually. Wish this were the case for UIL.
  2. I agree. Cy-Fair and JET got robbed. (And I am not a Cy-Fair or JET parent, btw.) It is so bonkers how bands that had strong and consistent BOA and early contest results could be beaten by bands who didn’t have those same consistent early season results. I am thinking of bands who didn’t make BOA finals or barely landed finals spots at all before UIL. How can a band do that and then suddenly be top five when their competition also had great runs and early season success? It’s just two completely different standards, it feels like. What can we do to lobby UIL for a BOA model of judging?
  3. I agree. Studying the score sheets now. They are all over the place.
  4. Anyone surprised by Cypress Woods should note the season of program building they have come through in the last few years with a new head band director and a new guard director. This school had the most all-state musicians in the entire state. Their talent is deep, and their strong state marching contest showing last year was no fluke. I see great things ahead for this program.
  5. Cypress Woods is on the move. Amazing performance today! They have real depth.
  6. Cypress Woods is on the move. Amazing performance today! They have real depth.
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