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  1. I don't know if anyone has said this yet, but I think Hebron 2021 might take the crown for best high school show. At the very least its the best music I have ever heard a high school pull off. Somehow Hebron keeps one upping themselves with this absurd music. I cannot wait to see what they do next year.
  2. Sad to see round rock out of state finals again. And with a confusingly low percussion score too (Not blaming the percussion judge I just know how much those kids take pride in having amazing percussion so it sucks to see them not do good in that category) I hope there's still a way for them to make finals at nats. I would imagine if they don't make finals they won't go back in 2023. It's just too expensive and I've heard stories of students/families that struggled to come up with the money to make the trip.
  3. and they have to get on a plane in two days and go even harder...
  4. Round Rock really cant catch a break this year. San Antonio prelims they had someone fall really bad at the very beginning of the show causing others to fall as well. And at UIL they had a guard member hurt herself and stuck on the ground unable to walk for about a minute and a half of the show until someone ran on the field and carried her off. I doubt these things affect the scoring too terribly but I know how demoralizing it is to have things like this happen during the most important runs of the whole season. Hopefully they still have a shot at finals, because the run sounded and looked way better than on Friday.
  5. I don't see Leander being rouse, cedar park, or cedar ridge. I love their show and I really wish they won 5A state and did better at BOA Austin, but the way they've been judged so far, I have them in the bubble around the bowie, round rock, coppell area.
  6. With the way scores are looking, I wouldn't be surprised to see us reach 97 at San Antonio again. Possibly some 90 point performances will miss finals like in 2017 as well. Cedar Park at a 93 with them (maybe) not being a top 2 band in their district is absurd. I am excited to see the 5A state results between them and Leander. Maybe they aren't top 3. That would be even more crazy.
  7. Also my early season prediction of CTJ winning everything is starting to look possible again.
  8. Round Rock 2021 > Round Rock 2019. Be ready for seven more performances from them.
  9. This looks pretty close to what I'd expect but I would change the bubble just a little bit. Gotta give more credit to rouse for hanging with the big names all season, and round rock for beating Reagan in music this weekend. Cedar Park is also probably a lock. Vista Ridge deserves to be a lock. I know it was UIL but they beat Vandegrift, I think that puts them above cedar ridge and company. "Locks" Vandegrift Claudia Taylor Johnson Ronald Reagan The Woodlands Hebron Vista Ridge Mid Tier, should make finals Cedar Ridge Leander Cedar Park Finalist Bubble, Upper Coppell Marcus Round Rock Rouse James Bowie Finalist Bubble Pearland Keller Seven Lakes
  10. Some random predictions: Hebron will get 2nd 13th place will be a round rock isd band Leander ISD Will take the other two medals CTJ and Reagan will inexplicably place lower than everyone expects Some judge is going to give one band like close to dead last when every other judge has them in or just out of finals
  11. No one is going to talk about round rocks closer? It might be the most ambitious music I have ever heard them play
  12. and by rumor, I mean a stony point student told me their director told them they arent going
  13. Speaking of stony point, are they still on the schedule for austin. I heard a rumor that they are not going
  14. yeah probably, but i think if any band is moving up into that tier this year its cedar ridge
  15. yes it was. Cedar Ridge is miles farther than round rock. Round Rock honestly sounded worse than at their parent preview in august
  16. Round Rock has not been progressing as I thought they would earlier in the season. Expect to see them at the bottom of finals or even 13th. Also Cedar ridge has a real shot at fourth or even third place.
  17. In my eyes 5th and 6th is really a race between the three rrisd schools, bowie, and cedar park. Idk if I would bet on Westwood to come out on top out of those 5 but I could see it. maybe.
  18. Predictions based on things I've heard + some speculation 1. CTJ - Coming off the most normal season and winning a weird 6A State, I expect them to win in convincing fashion like they did in 2017 especially after what I have heard of their show2. Vandegrift - reigning grand nats champion, easily could end up at 1st like in 2019 but their show seems a bit lighter than in 20193. Vista Ridge - haven't heard a lot about this band except that their show is really hard which might make getting higher than 3rd hard for them but could help them out at grand nats if they can peak late4. Leander - Out of the clear top 4 here I think leander is clearly in 4th. I don't really like their show and their band looks noticeably smaller. I would prefer if I was wrong about this tho because the theme seems cool but the music seems boring5. Cedar Ridge - Cedar ridge sounds as good as any year but I'm still not sure about them due to a huge drop in size. I have them at 5th just because round rock hasnt done well at austin recently6. Round Rock - From what I saw of their show they could easily return to their 2013-2017 run where the medaled almost every year. The music sounds well put together already and their guard is much improved7. Cedar Park - I have heard absolutely nothing about cedar park this year but considering they got 5th last year over cedar ridge I expect them to do well8. Westwood - I expect the most improved band of 2019 to continue that path and hopefully push for a spot in SA finals(which should be easier this year without flomo or bell attending)9. Bowie10. Hendrickson - I don't expect them to be worse than in 2019. Im not sure what is going on with the director change but I think they are due for some positive regression 11. Rouse 12. Westlake / Lake TravisMusic - CTJVisual - Vista RidgeGE - CTJ
  19. Yeah idk if I would put them in front of Wando normally but I think just based on the fact that they have a reputation of getting a finals spot out of nowhere the last few years I like their odds.
  20. I just watched a video of round rock from yesterday. I am really impressed, I dont think they have sounded this good this early maybe since 2015 when they would've won BOA Austin without a penalty. I don't think they can beat anyone in the top 4 but really 5th or 6th seems like there spot to lose. I was especially impressed when I rewatched videos from this time in 2019 and the improvement is dramatic. The band already sounds very balanced and the only thing that I could see being a problem is the drill. There is about 3 minutes of show on the field rn but It seems like the drill they have added since mid august is already relatively clean and the music sounds as good as the beginning.
  21. Interesting side note: to my knowledge flower mound (at least in 2018) stays in san antonio between BOA and UIL. I dont know what this means in terms of cost but i would imagine the hotels for 3 or 4 nights is more expensive than an extra round trip between dallas and san antonio.
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