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  1. Third Block thoughts: Brandeis has the potential to medal. Roma may very well win their class and possibly medal. JB Alexander has the potential to metal gold yet again.
  2. There will be no finals competition. Prelims will resume at 7:30 pm tonight. Results will be based off of preliminary scores.
  3. Second Block Thoughts: Nicki Rowe: Nicki Rowe was the first to perform and they did just that. Georgetown: After some technical difficulties were overcome, Georgetown proved what a force it can become in the band world and will possibly be a finalist contender. Weiss: Overcoming technological adversity again, Weiss showed why they made state finals in 2019. This band will most likely be a finalist in part due to its balanced sound and effective guard and may very well place relatively high and capture a class championship along the way. Grapevine: While small, Grapevine packs a punch in its sound and is a possible finalist contender. The flute solo in the ballad adds to the effectiveness of this band. Santa Rosa: Santa Rosa showed that they love to perform and compete. This band is small but mighty. Valley View: Returning to the field, Valley View came to perform, and their eagerness and love for the activity was clearly evident. United: The largest band that has performed today, United pack a punch. Opening with a trombone solo, the band followed suit and proved that they did not come to play. United is a possible finalist contender. Harlingen South: A relatively small group, the band opened with a small woodwind ensemble playing Richter. A pretty impressive sound is produced by this impressive group. Second Block Finalist Contenders: 1- Weiss 2-Georgetwon 3-United 4-Grapevine 5- Harlingen South
  4. First Block Thoughts: Gladys Porter performed first in the day but you could not tell. The energy coming off of their performance was on par. Harlingen may be a finalist contender. An impressive trombone solo starts them off with a piccolo-flute duet in the ballad. Rio Grande City also performed an emotional and expressive show and may also be a finalist contender. You could tell Robert Vela missed performing and did not disappoint. The real standout of this block was Pioneer. A beautiful opening hit set the tone for what was to come in the rest of the show. Pioneer may not only be a finalist contender, but has the possibility to go on to win their class depending on how the rest of the day goes. First Block Finalist Contenders: 1-Pioneer 2-Rio Grande City 3- Harlingen
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