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  1. I dont think BOA judges judge a bands show design, ( at least I think they don't) they mainly judge visual, music and general effects so even if the judges don't really get the show no points will de deducted because of it.
  2. I went to the Woodlands game vs Bridgeland on sep. 10 and got to speak with both parents from the bands which was cool. From what I've got its a show about fashion and love between Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky ( Lake Travis 2018 but Bridgeland is doing it better) It explains it a lot because of the music by Stravinsky and the fashion runway knowing Coco Chanel was a famous womens designer (it explains the coco chanel logo at the beginning). I hope this is what you were confused on or I would have said all this for nothing lol.
  3. So I have a question because I have never used BOX5TV before in my life and was thinking of watching BOA San Antonio Finals and Grand Nationals Finals on there. When I click on a BOA event it gives me options on what Part of the BOA I want to watch (ex. Prelims or Finals) under there it says "Available on Roku, Apple TV, etc." I would like to watch the livestream on my phone but do I have to download the Roku or Apple tv app to watch it or can I just expect to login to Box5TV and be able to already watch it? I know the events are far away but I just want to know ahead of time because I don't want to spend $20 on an event and not be able to watch it because I don't have a specific app.
  4. Although I cannot list the best bands in Houston, I can tell you who can be a huge threat in the 2021 season. -The Woodlands: If I were to make a list of the best bands in Houston The Woodlands will be #1 hands down. This band has been strong for the longest time placing high in BOA competitions, Grand Nationals, and UIL. With their 8th place in 2018 UIL state, 2nd in BOA Houston 2019, Grand Nationals finalist 8th place 2019, and 5th place in the 2020 UIL state contest they will impress us once again in this coming season. - Pearland: A very consistant band, they perform well and play well. If The Woodlands are 1st then Pearland is for sure runner- up they've made finalist 14th place in BOA San Antonio 2019, 6th place in BOA Houston 2019,and 6th in the UIL State contest 2020 Pearland is a very strong band. -SFA: After The Woodlands and Pearland it gets more interesting. SFA had a rough season in 2018 but in 2019 they really had a comeback. they placed 7th in BOA Houston and 8th in BOA St. Louis, they are familiar with being a finalist if they continue to grow they will have a great chance of placing top 3 at a BOA contest thats how close they are. -Seven Lakes: This band knows how to perform at a high level, if The Woodlands is the best in Area F and Pearland is the best in Area E, then Seven Lakes is debatably the best in Area I. In 2018 they placed 20th at the UIL state contest they also showed to be strong in 2019 and 2020 placing 9th at the UIL state contest. This band should never be underestimated. -Oak Ridge: This band has really proven themselves especially in 2018 UIL state contest where they placed 14th place and 6th place in 2018 BOA Houston. In my opinion their 2018 season was better than their 2019 season but it always depends on the judges and where they will place you. But without a doubt this band would place top 10 in the best bands in Houston list. Who knows 2021 could be their year. - Cy- Fair: Once again another consistant band in the mix, they march well, and perform at high level. They made 23rd at the 2018 UIL state contest, 5th at the BOA Houston 2018, and a strong 2019 show. If they continue this trend they can be a band to look out for in the 2021 season. - Dawson: .... And again another consistant band with their strong placement of 18th place at the 2018 UIL state contest and a strong 2020 season aswell this band has gone far throughout the years and not just their band, but their guard is great. This band has excellent marching technique but their missing one thing that could make them unstoppable. Maybe they can find it in their 2021 season. -Bridgeland: For their 4th year in existence they are one of the best in Houston and thats really good, imagine them in a few more years they can be legendary. Although they started their 2019 season with a bit of a rough start they had a great comeback later on in the season. On their 3rd year of existence (2019) they beat Cy-Fair and Oak Ridge in the Cypress Showcase and won 1st. Don't underestimate this band. - North Shore: Although not big on BOA's they make a huge statement at UIL, they were a finalist 10th place at the 2016 UIL, and made 19th place in the 2018 UIL state contest. This band is interesting because I believe this band consist of only seniors because its called the North Shore Senior Band. With this advantage these guys are power houses. - Cy- Woods: At last the final band I want to talk about is Cy- Woods. For a while they've been in the background until their 10th place at the 2020 UIL state contest. What's interesting about thsi band is that many people (from what I've heard) have mixed feelings about their 2020 UIL placement. Can they prove they deserved that spot in 2021 without a doubt I bet they will suprise us. other greats I didn't have time to write about but deserve recognition: Brazoswood, Clements, Clear Brook, Tompkins, Jersey Village, College Park, JET, Katy.
  5. Ronald Reagan HS- “The Path” Don’t know the music selections but I feel like this will be a great show for 2021.
  6. I’m very excited to see Bridgeland high school. For a young program they have done very well and were even going to go for grand nationals in 2020 if it wasn’t for COVID 19. Personally I’m shocked that they got 15TH place at the 2020 State UIL, their show was way too good to score that low. I’m very excited to see their 2021 show and their band become the next big thing in the future.
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