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  1. they did drop out their director said so on a zoom call with their students.
  2. this year will be pretty tough! they barely won by a point too
  3. does anyone know if brazoswood is going? i know they couldn’t last year cause of weather issues
  4. their director said that, that specific comp was “too easy”
  5. any bands to expect to be at mcallen? since it’s our kick starter of the season for texas
  6. i feel we should really keep an eye out for jba they just get better and better
  7. i feel like jba is going to hit hard this year..they keep surprising everyone each year. maybe they have a shot at top 5 in tmc since this will be their very first time going!
  8. does anyone know if james bowie is going!!!! they did so well last year i also heard that bowie MIGHT go to mcallen?!
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