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  1. 1. Coppell (They have the upper hand with the harder show imo. Kept tabs on them for a while. It is very possible that Wax could beat them- purely on cleanliness) 2. Waxahachie (france show and really clean- would've probably beat keller at duncanville) 3. Keller (they're not the keller from years prior- i highly doubt they'll be visually clean but they have a high chance is having a great music run. imo their music was really mid during duncanville. no clue how they tied with wakeland there(haven't seen their run) but they'll be a state lock) 4. Timber Creek (like ive said before, the show is not very hard. it's a good show. the show is easy to clean. they've been consistently clean since the start. they will not miss.) 5. LD Stinkin Bell (this is a very wild card for me. bell will do FANTASTIC in marching. music on the other hand? very huge wild card for me. ive noticed their music has definitely gotten cleaner since stl and im not sure if m they're really driven towards area. but we will know saturday night or alternatively monday) 6/7: Duncanville (haven't seen this show. but this is all i keep hearing about. funny enough this show best describes every experience ive had with dart) 6/7: Southlake Carroll (im very nervous about how slc will do. they haven't had much luck so far despite having such a cool show and designed for nats. they may have cleaned heavily to get this show up and running to make state and nats finals or they could have done very little. slc is very up in the air and i would not be surprised if they miss or make it) 8. Lake Ridge (despite how clean they are, i think the uil judges may hold them back, but they could place much higher than i expect them to.) 9. Keller Central (i think they could be higher but not less than 9th. they have a good show. not sure on how much they've improved but i don't think they would be superbly clean by area) 10. Highland Park (idk its a band in dallas county so i wouldn't know) 11. Haltom (they're making finals. the show can get cleaned easily.) 12. Martin (cope. my sources are telling me they're gonna have a great shot in making finals. hopefully dfw ego boost lol)
  2. if you give wakeland even more than what they have now for next year, they'd might as well give cedar park a run for their money. also this show would've been fantastic for grand nats- it's unfortunate they decided to drop out
  3. over my dead broken arrow body they'd win grand nats also they go next year anyways- perhaps this is the prelude to whatever sealy gives them next year
  4. yes! ld bell totally has an easy show! [park and bark is kept to an extent- will be obvious with full closer later on. they're not forming easy to clean grids and simple lines, but rather elaborate sets with tons of curves that aren't necessarily easy to keep clean and perfect. the music is also a major step up compared to previous years so that must mean that it's definitely be easy for bell's standards! and then the overall show design is actually good despite the design team change. and of course, bell knows how to play in boa.] side note, loud doesn't = good
  5. Man, just going through these recap... this is simply mind blowing.
  7. Wow. Carroll missing. Wax making it. Martin making it. DFW is indeed a bloodbath.
  8. the fact that this year will actually be a bloodbath is really gripping my brain now. there will definitely be tons of surprises and twists and turns. at the end of the day, it's really up to the students if they're determined to do incredible.
  9. As much as I can be biased towards Bell, I can probably grasp what will go down in finals. This is looking to be yet again another cleanliness battle but this time bands are getting stronger than before. 1. Flower Mound (they're gonna have everything on the field and they're gonna bring it down. it being the villains in the superband lore. they will probably sweep) 2. Hebron (if you've seen hebron lately, it isn't clean also i don't think they'll have the full thing on the field by then. they'll probably be way cleaner than what i've seen before but has the potential to still beat marcus. if they actually clean, they'll dominate sa and state. i don't think they will be winning either just bc we have cedar freaking ridge and vandy bandy but this is an entirety different subject) 3. Marcus (marcus. i don't understand this show and never will. they sound and look fine but they PIVOT! i wouldn't think much about them dropping lower) 4. Keller (i've seen most of this show already. they will have the closer on the field which will help them a lot. lots of good ge moments like the bikes. also this show makes no sense to my head. it's either i'm too stupid or this show requires an sat score of 1600 to understand) 5. Coppell (they'll be fine. i personally think keller will be cleaner than coppell but it will definitely be close. i also don't understand what's going on during archetype. also the closer is gonna be scuffed. i believe they recently had a closer rewrite [not entirely] which sounds way better than the original but man i feel bad for beethoven.) 6. Wakeland (personally my biggest hot take. but here's the thing with them at heb. they had the whole show on the field for that. the only thing they can really do for dfw is just clean so we'll see how that holds up. heb and dfw judging are completely different. also their show isn't as hard as the other bands here) 7. Timber Creek (seeing this show so many times. a band i once considered my enemy is now one of my favorite bands so i may be a little biased. they look clean and sound clean. they can push sound for sure. the catch is that the show isn't very visually difficult compared to ld bell. musically however, they are playing some good stuff. they also have the full show on the field so it's cleaning time!) 8. L.D. Bell (visually pretty strong, musically not so much. typical bell! with vento replacing cartwright, i'm not sure exactly how the ge score will play out. this is definitely the 2nd best show i've seen from vento. bell has a lot to offer and looks pretty decent so far. the attitude there has definitely changed from what i remember in 2019. they will have A closer on a field which will definitely help out their scores. but hey i gotta be realistic here, all i can do is cope for bell making top half) 9. Southlake Carroll (idk anything about them so go cry about it. also nats show, 0 clue on how they are doing but still has the potential to beat l.d. bell) 10. Waxahachie (haven't seen or heard from them other than the music for the show. interesting take on debussy, goofy part 2, and yeah that's about all i can say. also waxahachie boa moment) 11. Aledo (seen them. they clean i guess. show is alright, not my time. it's aledo! they could do better than waxahachie, it's really in the air but i can sense that they'll be fine. show looks more interesting than lone star tbh) 12. Lone Star (music is alright. here's the only thing i can complain and whine about ls is that basically the entire band basically stays in front of the front hash/midfield. judging from what i've watched, i barely see them go further back so there's my grain of salt. also they cleanish?) 13. Highland Park (whine about it. first to go. they're done for. also, i think their show is mid but that's just me. go cry about it) 14. Rock Hill (idk! the other prosper! ppl putting them so high for what? it ain't no sit down stand up so that's all i can say) 15. Lebanon Trail (idk idc it's frisco isd go cry to your mother about them building so many schools) 16. James Martin (no more coping. i can't keep defending this program as much as i want to. they could actually place a lot lower but this is still coping.) i personally think my finalists predictions will be close enough. could potentially switch last few finalists with the bubbles but who knows! we'll find out saturday. once this week is over, we have rough overview of how the overall marching season will go.
  10. i'm gonna watch them tonight but saw videos of them. they sound musically strong so far but the drill doesn't look too hard- will be easy to clean.
  11. too chaotic. how do you screw up so bad that a band that didn't attend makes finals. how do you let idiots like me pay the announcer to make stupid shoutouts
  12. i haven't seen videos of oak ridge yet but i'm sure they're getting good progress. i've seen both lt and bell live and they're gonna fantastic at stl. hopefully bell takes 3rd again for texas!~
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