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  1. It makes sense if Marcus can't go, but why not Hebron? They don't have Nats the next week like FloMo and Marcus. Does their Rose Parade trip cause them to any school? I guess it's still a big financial commitment either way.
  2. Interesting side effect of the current schedule for state next year: for 2021, the Alamodome will overtake Lucas Oil Stadium in the number of days it holds marching band events. for the past several years, Lucas Oil has had the most days of marching competitions, but with the addition of three more days for UIL, the Alamodome takes the lead. Lucas Oil: Grand Nationals (3 days), Indy Super Regional (2 days), ISSMA State (1 day): 6 total Alamodome: SA Super Regional (2 days), UIL State (normally 3 days, now 6): 8 total
  3. Just watched Hebron at Area C. Several holes, but WOW do they still sound great. Huge sound, amazing technical features and great ensemble blend. No big props, but still a substantial amount of complex choreography considering there’s no GE caption to worry about this year. Shorter than last years show, but I wouldn’t expect any band to go longer than the 8 minutes this year. Some cleaning to be done before state, but they’re still the Hebron we all know and love. Very good chance they win tonight.
  4. Does anyone know if the Area contests (specifically B and C) are open to the public? Reading the Area C website it sounds like that's the case there, especially if the TXBands team will be there, but I want to make sure before trying to go.
  5. Thanks for the correction! Either way, Flower Mound, Hebron, and Marcus can all still advance to state.
  6. Oh boy, it's been awhile since I've been on here. Good to be back! Anyways, I don't think this will be the case. Looking at the 6A Area C performance order (which was published before any Region contests took place), there are 17 bands that intend to participate in the Area contest. The UIL rule for advancing to state basically says that for every 5 bands at Area, 1 advances to state, with a minimum of 2 advancing. This means that Area C will advance 3 bands assuming all 17 bands advance to the Area contest. Of those 17, the five 6A bands in Regions 2 and 25 performed Saturday and all ear
  7. That sounds right. For example, at the BOA D/FW regional last year, two UIL 4A schools attended, of those, Anna HS was 2A, but Krum HS was 1A. In my opinion, it's hard to say how good smaller Texas schools do in BOA since there's not that many that do BOA. Compare BOA San Antonio and Grand Nationals: Of the 84 bands at SA, there were 52 4A bands, 22 in 3A, 5 in 2A and 5 in 3A, but at GN, out of 91 bands, 30 were 4A, only 9 were 3A, 30 were 2A, and 22 were 1A. For whatever reason, smaller Texas schools just don't do BOA as much
  8. BOA has four classes: 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A, with 4A being the largest. Classification is determined by the number of students at the school in grades 10-12. UIL has six conferences: 1A through 6A, with 6A being the largest. Conference is determined by number of students at the school in grades 9-12. I'd have to look up the exact cutoff numbers for those, but they both change every couple years to make each group roughly even. The two systems are completely independent of each other, so it can be confusing which group bands are placed in since sometimes they overlap. Generally, UIL 6A b
  9. I think this is a great idea and I love that I've seen several bands doing it. Now to convince my director to let us do this...
  10. I really hope we get to see that show. Depending on where I go to college I may get to attend GN in person next year, so I'd get to see it live. My somewhat random prediction was that they actually would've beat Reagan in Indy this year, but this year is going to make next year unpredictable.
  11. I've seen a few bands like Vista Ridge and Westwood do "new" 2020 show reveals recently; could someone in that area explain what that means? I know these districts said they weren't competing this year, so is this just a show they'll do at football games? That would make some sense but I haven't seen something like that from any schools up here in D/FW.
  12. Highland Park, hands down. Silver medal at 5A state over several regional finalists, they're probably the best non-BOA band in the state. Of 2018's 6A state participants you have to go all the way down to 30th place to find a band that hasn't done BOA recently.
  13. Hello everyone! Over the past few days, I've been working on this project to help take my mind off everything happening in the band world right now. I'd never found any kind of information about the history of UIL marching band, and so I decided to do some research and write about it using the plenty of free time I've been given this summer. The result is what's written here, which I also expanded to include Texas involvement in BOA. I figured the best place to share it would be here, where my fellow band geeks might appreciate it. I'm sure it's not perfect, and it's very possible that I misse
  14. Thanks for the support! If I do my job right you can expect another great year in 2021.
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