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  1. From the 2019 season, I’d say some of the top bands in Houston that I can list off the top of my head would have to be something like: (Not in order) The Woodlands Seven Lakes Oak Ridge Bridgeland Cy Fair I don’t really know much about 5A, but some of the bands that stick out to me when I think of 5A would probably be: (Not in order) Friendswood Tomball Galena Park For the upcoming 2020 season, I am expecting to see a lot of bands on the rise, and one band in particular that I am most exited about would have to be Bridgeland. Over the couple past years from their existence
  2. I’m part of the bridgeland band and I can confirm that we are planning on going to grand nationals next year
  3. Final Results- 1 Seven Lakes High School 97.600 2 Bridgeland High School 96.000 3 Klein Collins High School 94.900 4 Tomball Memorial High. School 94.600 5 Klein Cain High School 92.800 6 Dickinson High School 91.900 7 Klein High School 90.300 8 Kempner High School 90.100 9 La Porte High School 88.500 10 Ridge Point High School 87.600 11 Lumberton High School 86.400 12 Channelview High School 85.600 I’m a fellow Bridgeland marcher and it was a pleasure to be able to end our marching season out with a bang. Good job to every band that participated in today’s competition , and
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