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  1. Someone posted Bridgeland’s performance from their last football game. Some parts of the video are cut due to copyright issues.
  2. The maximum number of bands that can qualify for state in this area is 6, but that would require for all bands (32 in total) to get a 1 at region. If three bands do not qualify for area, then Area I will only advance 5 bands (which is the likely outcome). With that being said, I think this area will be extremely competitive with Seven Lakes basically having a guaranteed spot while Cy Woods also having a really good chance with how their season is going at the moment. To add to that, the most interesting part (in my opinion) is seeing who ends up advancing out of so many highly qualified bands (ex: Seven Lakes, Cy Fair, Cy Woods, Tompkins, JET, Bridgeland, Cinco Ranch, and the list goes on...). Seven Lakes and Cy Woods have had really impressive results with Cy Fair and JET having neat finalist appearances in boa Conroe/West Houston. However, I wouldn’t count out bands such as Tompkins, Bridgeland, and Cinco Ranch from the conversation since there is still a bit more time of growth before Area begins. For instance, I know bands like Bridgeland tend to peak really late and I think with how their show is built, they can end up earning a lot of credit if they manage to execute their show at a high level. To conclude, I am really excited to see how everything turns out that day, and for anyone that is performing, best of luck and have fun!
  3. Also just for those who haven’t heard, Bridgeland are only going to perform prelims due to homecoming tonight
  4. From the 2019 season, I’d say some of the top bands in Houston that I can list off the top of my head would have to be something like: (Not in order) The Woodlands Seven Lakes Oak Ridge Bridgeland Cy Fair I don’t really know much about 5A, but some of the bands that stick out to me when I think of 5A would probably be: (Not in order) Friendswood Tomball Galena Park For the upcoming 2020 season, I am expecting to see a lot of bands on the rise, and one band in particular that I am most exited about would have to be Bridgeland. Over the couple past years from their existence in 2017, they have grown rapidly. Another thing to note is that they are also attending grand nationals this year. With that being said, I believe that they will try and go over the top in order to prove a point at grand nationals. Honestly. I am very excited to see how high of a level they will be able to achieve.
  5. I’m part of the bridgeland band and I can confirm that we are planning on going to grand nationals next year
  6. Final Results- 1 Seven Lakes High School 97.600 2 Bridgeland High School 96.000 3 Klein Collins High School 94.900 4 Tomball Memorial High. School 94.600 5 Klein Cain High School 92.800 6 Dickinson High School 91.900 7 Klein High School 90.300 8 Kempner High School 90.100 9 La Porte High School 88.500 10 Ridge Point High School 87.600 11 Lumberton High School 86.400 12 Channelview High School 85.600 I’m a fellow Bridgeland marcher and it was a pleasure to be able to end our marching season out with a bang. Good job to every band that participated in today’s competition , and a much well deserved 1st place from Seven Lakes , amazing show!
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