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  1. 1. Avon 2. Vandy 3. Leander 4. Carmel 5. Hebron 6. CTJ 7. The Woodlands 8. William Mason 9. Homestead 10. Round Rock 11. Park Vista 12.Ayala Music Caption: Vandy GE Caption: Avon Visual Caption: Avon In my humble opinion Leander is the "sleeper" & Hebron's music performance will be the "WOW" factor at GN's!
  2. Amazing. Even the weakest of Indy bands all had fantastic guard! Texas band program need to not take this fact as a threat rather learn from these wonderful programs. That being said, Indy will never have the music talent that is generated in abundance in Texas! Once Texas cracks the Guard and Visual code Kevin will be sweating lengthy summers down south just like the rest of us. Never to return!
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