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  1. I don't have the sheets... But I did some combinatorics. The chance that the top 6 bands would randomly draw to the last 6 spots is 1/924 or 0.108%. I think the chance that the top 5 bands draw into the last 6 is 1/132, or 0.758%.
  2. Some school districts primarily support band for UIL and football. RRISD bands are still required to attend football games in Austin on SASR Friday. In RRISD, BOA events are optional. UIL events are not. Yes, it is a rough schedule for the kids and the road crew. Flower Mound opted out of SASR. The Woodlands opted out of UIL 6A state. There are 5 bands doing SASR, UIL 6A state (if qualified), and GNats. Marcus is in the most difficult position here, with the earliest prelims performance, and San Antonio being four hours in the wrong direction from Indy. But they aren't in Area D. Will any of the Team Texas area D bands skip UIL state, loosening the competition for the 5 area D state slots? I think they would have made that decision known already if they were going to. In any case, I think we will know the answer by the close of day on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing awesome bands, awesome kids, and awesome performances all day Saturday at the KRAC!
  3. State is a local contest for Reagan and CTJ. Round Rock is in one of the last prelims blocks for GNats, and is looking to place well at the state contest. The kids (and supporters) will be exhausted, but I don't expect any of these bands to skip UIL state contest, or BOA San Antonio Super Regional.
  4. OK, I am a 2 year lurker who finally made an account just to post on this thread. I majored in math and was in marching band for two fall semesters at Texas Tech. Now I work part time as an elementary choir director. In my experience, college band is awesome and a great way to make friends. It is not competitive, but if that's your thing, there's always DCI, and college band is a great way to meet DCI folks! Don't know if it is still the same, but in the 80s and 90s Tech marched 4 complete shows a year, covering military, (symmetrical) corps, and big 12 show styles. Practice for an hour at noon 5 days a week and most Saturday mornings. Travel 2-3 games a year. Some pros about marching band: Counts as a PE credit All travel, meals, uniform, marching instruments are free to you Many schools (Texas State) provide scholarships Meet people a week or two before classes start Watch recent video of bands from schools you are considering and see if you like their style. While they don't compete against each other, most Texas college bands are large enough that they have tryouts or spot challenges, so I wouldn't worry too much about the skill level of your fellow band members. The shows will be easier, but the purpose is to entertain, and you won't spend very long on any one show. Good luck!
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