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  1. I'm interested to see how percussions stack up against each other, I'm assuming that vandy and round rocks percussion scores will be pretty high, but outside of that I'm not too sure
  2. If anyone has a video of round rock or cedar ridge I would appreciate a PM
  3. I don't see why not, results wise they've been having a solid year, on top of the fact that they typically peak late. Placed above bowie in Austin, and were competitive with the bands in area D. Personally I see them making it this year if they have a solid run
  4. Best GE: Reagan (Leander is a close 2nd for me) Best Visual: Vista Ridge Best Show Concept: CTJ Best Solo: Either Vandegrift's trombone, CTJ's 2 soloist, and I also enjoyed Keller's trumpet soloist. Best Feature: Hebrons Trumpet feature Best Musical Selections: James Bowie Most innovative: Woodlands Most Original Concept: Flower Mound or Woodlands Best Appeal: CTJ Most Underrated: RR or Keller Most Improved: RR Best Guard: Reagan Best pit: Probably Vandegrift, unsure though Best Drumline: Round Rock(check out a video of them on Flomarching instagram) or Vandegrift Best Brass: Undecided (everyone is too good) Best Woodwinds: Undecided Best Prop: Vistas Turning Table and Cages Best Uniforms: Round Rock, (with ctjs plumes in a close second) Best Guard Uniforms: TWHS Best Pre-show: Leander Best Opener: CTJ Best Ballad: Vandegrift or Leander Best Closer: Keller
  5. Interesting how you have RR so low, I have RR in that huge group, but I could see them easily making finals.
  6. Speaking of comebacks, Round Rock is also sounding exponentially better than austin, I saw them at Westlake prelims last week. I have no clue who's going to make finals anymore!!
  7. I only went to prelims, but round rock won with a 10 point gap, and swept captions. 2nd was tom c Clark, with United in 3rd
  8. Is anyone else going to this? I know Round Rock will win, but it's interesting to see how the other bands will do, and see how round rock has progressed since austin.
  9. Does anyone have any exciting picks for predictions? I personally have Jack Hays in finals, and Vandegrift taking the gold medal!
  10. My friends say that Round Rock would have to attend Waco prelims, go to region and perform, then head back to Waco for finals. The directors decided that it wouldn't be worth it, and they would be relying on lucky scheduling because Waco-->region is a long bus ride.
  11. Attended a Round Rock Rehearsal tonight for a bit, man does this show seem difficult. They march at 180 BPM for the biggest movement of their show, Round Rock shows are always so fast and intense . Think this show has potential to peak late, as of right now I think they'll finish at a modest placement at Austin, around the middle of finals. Excited for this group though, heard some good things .
  12. Also: Flowermound was the only band to have props at their halftime shows, haven't seen any other bands with props on the field yet.
  13. Spent the morning searching the internet for shows, heres what I saw: Flowermound: As always, visually, they look phenomenal, especially for how early into the season we are. The music is also very strong, although in the video I found, they were still on a met, and the woodwind features were difficult to hear because they were not miced. As strong as ever overall. Cedar Park: Very impressed, musically. Visually is solid as well, but seems to be on the easier side, likely because its a state year. Can easily see this being a comeback year for them as well. Round Rock: Very Theatrical beginning, students seem to be mimes? Initial impact is very exciting, loudest impact ive heard from any band thus far. After initial impact, it's a typical RR show-High speed and intense. Very difficult features in the show, seems to be a back to back Woodwind-High brass-Low brass features. Excited to see more theatrics once they get more of their show on the field. Seems like the show is going to peak late, good for a grands nats year Leander: I have no words, just wait for Austin. I can easily see them medaling at every event they attend. Looks to be an interesting season
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