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  1. but GE is the largest part of the scoring...Right?? - so bands want to play to that aspect? still new to this but trying to catch up with the season coming.
  2. we are coming from Nashville (Franklin) but we had only been there for 20 months, my employer has moved us around a lot the past 20 years (8 moves, in 4 states in 20 years) we had been in Texas before, just not as a band family. My employer has promised me that this is at least a 5 year or more assignment.
  3. North East district. I watched a bunch of videos from the schools here like Reagan and Johnson,but I watched a video of the Flower Mound, Woodlands and some of the Austin programs. I was amazed by the size of the bands. saw a montage of finals from last year with all the bands on the field at the end - WOW - this is new to me and my wife.
  4. based on what I have seen here , San Antonio appears to be the capital of marching band - BOA, UIL State and DCI southwest. the dome is the place to be. Texas marching band was a big part of deciding to move here. my kids are very excited about the journey.
  5. I thought the crew would be fun. but then I saw all the semi trailers yesterday with one of the band parents and thought "what the heck are they hauling and what did I sign up for".... but I am always game for a new adventure. Concessions I can eat and serve hot dogs all day long
  6. I have already listened to a few of the "nerd In" and "cherry on top" podcasts. I had heard about the SA Dome event before moving here - I was not aware that there were so many other major events in Texas. I am assuming that BOA is the big thing in Texas. from the look of it all the bands in Texas participate in this? I have spent more than a dozen hours online this weekend looking at this site, horn rank, MFA and youtube videos - I am getting educated on what to expect. I had lunch today with some other band parents we met and thinking that the volunteering for concessions and crew might have been a mistake.
  7. thanks - My wife signed us up for concessions and crew last week. while I am still not sure that that entails, we are "all in" and looking forward to the experience. I have been surfing YouTube and the videos of the programs in Texas are amazing. the level of competition in Texas is insane. we are excited to be in our new home and a new adventure.
  8. so I hope this is the right place to put this. I have been viewing this site for for a few weeks since moving to TX from TN. I have learned a great deal about Texas bands in the past few weeks from this site but it scares me. I have a new freshman that will be joining a program here. Some of the band parents recommended this site as my orientation. - WOW!!! it would appear that band is king in Texas - forget the football thing. look forward to learning from those of you that have been here awhile I will apologize in advance for any stupid questions I may ask - Looking forward to learning more as enjoying the Texas Band Experience
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