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  1. Westwood updated their calendar. This isn't on it. They have the 9th open right now.
  2. My kid will be at college at this point. However she did mention that maybe this could be a Mom/Daughter kind of thing for us to do. I'll yell loud for TeamTexas for sure.
  3. Right there with you. It makes me so sad and angry for these kids.
  4. Westwood had their showcase on Saturday. I have to admit that I cried a lot in my car when we got home. We should have been in Indy. My kid should have had the best year of her life. Sigh. What might have been.
  5. Hey gang! My daughter is a senior at Westwood and saw this thing and thought it would be fun for me to join. I am the current announcer for the Westwood band. I have committed to match any donation I make through this fundraiser up to $500 directly to the Westwood band. **To the mods, if this isn't appropriate, please let me know! So sorry.** The money raised will benefit Music for All. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! https://osmosvote.com/videocampaign/MFA/Joiningus2020?participant=Deana-Flores-574
  6. Right! Great folks at LT. When the kid was little, we started taking her to football games, and going there was amazing! We had a great time and that's what I wish EVERY high school football game was like.
  7. Now that would be cool. It looks like football schedules are being updated. AND Westwood opens their season against Lake Travis. I got the child excited about that football game, so now she's pumped! We are totally gonna lose but you've got to keep yourself up anyway that you can.
  8. I am wondering who was advising UIL. I heard that the directors of Vista Ridge and Reagan were on the committee advising UIL on how they could proceed with a season. What this looks like to me is UIL listening to COACHES over Band directors. Round Rock ISD put out their guidelines for fine arts. They advise that kiddos can't even leave the district. So that leaves me to assume that the band isn't going to travel to away games outside of RRISD. Well, it's pretty much over, and I guess I can look forward to seeing my kid run cross country later in the year...IF THAT INDEED HAPPENS.
  9. You are quite the fortune teller there. I can't imagine being a band director today telling your group of kids, "Hey we know more than the leadership in UIL, and as a result, we aren't going to have a show, even through they have given us the greenlight to do so." And I see the other side as well, but the truth is that we have to deal with what we have in front of us right now, and not what might happen.
  10. Are we sure that bands are not gonna change their mind? I mean, there are still programs and school districts that haven't made an announcement. Lots of bands made these decisions based on what they assumed UIL would do. Why wouldn't some of these schools change their minds?
  11. Round Rock ISD is going to online only for the 1st 3 weeks of school. Eanes is going online only for the fall
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