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  1. Here is Westwood's Announcement. Seems like it's a bit different than what was announced in the spring. 

    Join the Westwood Warrior Band as we go Beyond the Brick this season! Beyond the Brick takes you on a somewhat familiar yet completely fresh and innovative journey to the mythical Land of Oz. With inspiration from The Wizard of Oz and music that includes:
    Miklos Rozsa - Concerto for String Orchestra
    Elton John
    The Rolling Stones
    Miracle Musicals
  2. I feel like we had a discussion about this when I first got on this site. 5 million years ago, UIL was king and state was every year. Every school paid their dues and just dealt with it. That was also before big elaborate shows and when marching band focused on marching cleanly and not on putting on a production. When bands switched to focus on productions, it became EXPENSIVE for programs.  

    Personally I like having state every year. Gives programs who don't do BOA more exposer to different things and music. However, I can see how doing BOA and UIL would make it very difficult for band programs every single year. 

  3. Eat'em up Boston!


    Me and my Aggie daughter have been BAC fans for the past 5 years. We got our tickets to see the corps in San Antonio later this month. 


    We went and saw the premiere at the movie theater in Pflugerville this week. While in the bathroom, what appeared to be other Boston fans struck up a conversation with us. Turns out that they are the mom and sister of one of the drum majors for BAC, who also happens to be from Pflugerville and a Fightin' Texas Aggie like my daughter. 

    Our little band family is small, and I'm so glad that we all get to be a part of it. 

  4. Too many to name. Of course, I cry for just about anything.  But one October night when I picked up my kid from band practice she said, "We added a new part for Houston." I thought, "are they insane?" but I smiled and said oh it's going to be great.

    That Saturday, it felt like 600 degrees outside. Westwood came out and played the "Little Drummer Boy," segued into "Do you hear what I hear?" The majority of us parents had never seen it. We were looking at the video screen and saw "Joy," spelled out, then watched the band get on their knees and lean towards one side and belt out a note that still gets me to this day. One of the moms who was sitting behind me put their hand on my shoulder while it was happening. When it was over, we all yelled and I looked around and saw the same tears I was shedding across the Westwood band parent community. 

    At this point, that was almost 4 years ago. It was so great for the kids...and us parents. 

  5. 3 hours ago, ViewFromTheBox said:

    So Matt Stepp actually has Weiss going to District 12-6A (Region II) with Bryan, Copperas Cove, Template, Waco Midway, Hutto, and Killeen Harker Heights (although I want to note that the projection came out before today's numbers). He also has Dripping bunking with the Austin 6A schools plus Westlake and Lake Travis and Manor with Buda Johnson, Cibolo Steele, San Marcos and the like.

    That Weiss district would be a lot of travel though.

    That's bizarre. I mean, the Pflugerville schools used to district with RRISD and LISD. If I'm not mistaken, it used to be the 5 RRISD schools along with 3 LISD schools AND Hendrickson. This is when they were still 6A and so was Leander High. It would be silly to send them to district with Temple and  Bryan.

  6. On 11/4/2021 at 8:55 PM, NEPats said:

    Round Rock ISD’s $572 million bond package was voted down a few years ago by mostly those on the Travis county side. Round Rock high school built a new school a few years ago. They were suppose to tear down the old school but to my knowledge it is still being used in some capacity. It's mega school. I don't think there are any plans at the moment to build a new school.

    This is true. However, the plans have already been laid out.  Heck even TMEA has Pearson Ranch High School listed on their site. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Origin said:

    I was watching the the 6A prelims awards, and it looks like the Seven Lakes drum majors thought their name was called when Southlake Carroll was called as the last finalist 😢😢😢😢😢😢 They were second out at both competitions this week. Hopefully their time comes next year!

    that's so hard! Those poor kids.  I had to warn the Westwood parents back in the day to make sure they heard WESTWOOD and not yell when they heard WESTLAKE. It happens too often. 

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