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  1. One thing about these bands that are uprising is they will stop at nothing to reach success. It really upsets me that they were making these slurs when all JBA did was support every single band. They shared almost every band on the field via Instagram story and cheered them on. Why can’t our kids show unconditional love and support for each other regardless of where they come from? What a sick world we live in…JBA and the rest of the bands there did amazing. JBA is scaring other programs, there’s a reason why they don’t want them competing with the big dogs. Their staff is phenomenal, they do not care about any negativity and frankly they shouldn’t. They have proven to be extremely successful. Congratulations to all bands…let’s put a stop to this non-sense.
  2. John B Alexander continues to prove that South Texas is no different from the rest of Texas. Their vast improvement from previous years is a true testament to their hard work. They have continuously showed up to competitions giving nothing less than the best that they can do and today was no different. Congratulations John B Alexander on yet ANOTHER extremely great performance with the big dogs!!!
  3. John B Alexander!!! What a great way to enter their first TMC!!!
  4. Prelims was amazing. Every band proved that they needed to be at that competition. I can’t wait for the results!!!
  5. Huge thank you to Leandermomma & whoever runs the live blog for providing us with all of these updates! Can’t be in Texas right now but man I feel as if I’m right there watching all these performances.
  6. Leander’s show this year is amazing!!! I love all of their shows however this is one just seems so fitting. Like a puzzle piece. Short Ride as an opener…amazing!
  7. I’ve got a strong feeling JBA is going to be rising this year. This setback is going to take them further. More drive, more motivation. Their show isn’t even finished! Another HUGE congrats to Del Rio! They have definitely proven their worth over these past couple of years showing strong signs of improvement. Congratulations to ALL bands who performed and gave their all through the midst of unimaginable weather conditions.
  8. Definitely agree. Alexander just had a performance where they performed a sneak peek of their show. It’s already sounding amazing and their opener really is an attention grabber. This is definitely going to be an amazing year for all Texas bands, maybe even National. The dead space that COVID brought also attracted numerous opportunities of development in all Music programs.
  9. This is going to be an EPIC competition. So many great programs with innovative and creative styles. I’m so happy other bands are starting to come out of their shells and compete with the big dogs. This is truly going to be an amazing year! So curious to see the outcome of this competition.
  10. You know, so am I. The fact that they’ve been playing so much variety of music literature from orchestral to video game to pop songs, it’s amazing. It really brings the show together and packs a lot of energy. The creative development that carries on throughout their shows is insane. You can’t tell me that Katy Perry will not sound awesome on that field. So excited!!!
  11. THEY ARE! So glad to see that they have a lot more mobility from their past traditional ones.
  12. All I’m saying is, JBA is pretty powerful. Not only Music wise, but the fact that they do something so different from many other bands and that is sending messages to the massive audiences in the stands that so many have either had a connection with or have opened their eyes to. It’s amazing. I am beyond excited to see what they bring with this production this year. Not to mention the new traditional uniforms that are coming with them!
  13. I am honestly so excited to see the way McAllen plays out. JBA has always seemed to surprise many people and it really is amazing how well they can send messages to the audience. Many bands are going to come back stronger this year in my opinion based off the time COVID took away from us. JBA is definitely a powerhouse in South Texas and I am SOOO excited to see how well they perform this year.
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