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  1. North Lamar’s finals performance was awesome as usual. Lumberton kicked it up a notch. Best sound they have had all year. It could be close.
  2. We were told the change was FROM 7 TO 10 with the added 20th band. No real explanation of why or how that was determined. Should find out in an hour or so...
  3. D5000 provides 5 minutes in HD, 20 in lower res video. I guess I’ll keep my eyes open for a used 3300. The lenses should be interchangeable so I can justify the additional body.
  4. Thanks all! I already have a D5000 DSLR, just never seriously considered using it for dedicated video. I’ll play with it in the off-season and decide which of my options works best. That GoPro idea is also percolating. RudeDog, did you have any problems bringing recording equipment into the Alamodome? I recorded at Regional and Area but just assumed that State would not allow it since they are videoing too. Not really an issue for me any more since Lumberton will most likely bump back up to 5A after next year and my kid will not get another shot at advancing. Still good info to pass along to the next guy.
  5. I am the designated halftime show recorder. I’m currently working with a base model Sony video camera. It has decent picture quality but not enough wide angle view to cover the entire field from atop the press box. I’ve requested a taller stadium/press box. It’s “under consideration”... Our band marched 212 this year and at several points the show stretched end zone to end zone. My trusty Handycam can only get roughly 20 to 20. What do other band parent/videographers use to record your band’s halftime show? Does anyone have a suggestion for better wide angle viewing?
  6. Interesting concept. Our HS band has been steadily growing in numbers over the past 5-6 years. I wonder how our relatively small community would respond to splitting the band along Competitive/Noncompetative lines.
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