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  1. Its one time I'm very grateful for a Thursday night game, it was nice an warm last night, and it was 44 today. I wasn't ready for this big of a weather change yet.
  2. That's how I will be! I don't handle the cold well, so I've washed my Alaska coats to wear LOL.. I'm such a wimp. I'm hoping the 60-70 miles difference will mean a slightly higher temperature for us on Saturday.
  3. We have crickets pretty band up this way every year. Its going to be a blanket of crickets. It will make things interesting
  4. I'll look for you! I already know I'll be wearing a Red shirt, with our Spring Band Camp logo. (Red Brigade.) I'm so excited to watch all the great bands.
  5. As usual very late to the game, but I was wondering who all (member here wise) was going to be at TMC? I'll be chaperoning and I was wondering if there were going to be people meeting up as it would be nice to put faces to screen names. I've been incognito on the board as I'm still completely lost, and I'm having a really difficult year, but I'm learning from y'all. Amy
  6. I'm very late but I love softball. I missed the Women's College World Series this year. I also love Texas Ranger baseball so much that 3 of my 5 animals are named after former Ranger players. Kinsler Murphy (Ian Kinsler and David Murphy) a now 6 yr old German Shepherd Dog, Mitch Moreland (called Mo) a 6 yr old maine coon cat, Joshua Hamilton is a 4 yr old Catahoula Leopard Cur. I wanted to name our 2 younger animals after Ranger players but My family vetoed that because we name our animals and the player is immediately traded. I also am very into all levels of Woman's artistic gymnastics. I attend as many meets as possible. I"m really happy that the next few years the Women's College Gymnastic Nationals are in Fort Worth.
  7. I'm still an extremely lost band mom, but I'm now on the Boosters board as the Chaperone Chair. I'm pretty excited about it. Only 2 more seasons left to participate, as I'm sure my youngest will not be into band, but hoping she'll surprise me. (She's 8 lol)
  8. This isn't good at all. If you are in the area and you can make it to that meeting, get out there. If I wasn't 1.5 hours away (due to traffic at this time of day from my town) I'd show up. We are losing so much funding for fine arts, and the fine arts are so important in education. Okay the educator in me is going back to my corner.
  9. Thank you all for helping me. I could understand better when our directors were talking to the Boosters, and drum majors this evening.
  10. I know you are not speaking to me, I just want to say how grateful I am for your commentary. I am a band mom, but as my screen name states, I'm well aware I'm lost in the sauce. I appreciate you and everyone else that takes the time to explain things to me.
  11. Henry had a prop issue near the end but they were awesome!
  12. Henderickson is amazing! So entertaining and they sound great!
  13. I’m here but I’ve only seen MacArthur and Midway. Midway was very quiet. MacArthur I enjoyed. Sorry I’m not good at this
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