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  1. It won't let you do that. Only can watch on one IP at a time. Unless someone has it and is not watching. Look for someone to screen capture and find it on Youtube. Usually up pretty quickly.
  2. Finally found videos of all the ones I wanted to see yesterday. I have questions! Can someone briefly tell me the boundaries of the field? Watching CTJ they seemed to really flirt with them. I'm quite certain they were very safe, but I don't understand where they are! What happens if a flag touches the ground over the boundary or a rifle is dropped and bounces out? Would they get it or leave it? At what point do they all have to be "inside" the boundary - after the announcement finished?? So many questions....
  3. Agree! Avon was so good. Can't say I loved Carmel. Actually couldn't stay interested enough for the entire thing. Haven't found a video of CTJ yet.. Can't wait for tomorrow's Texas block!
  4. As I watch this, I am continually blown away that someone can take 200-300 crazy 14-18 year olds and put together this kind of awesome-ness! These shows are amazing. edited to add: and that band parents & fans are super crazy and weird (and I am one of them!!)
  5. Anyone else continually singing "New York, New York??" LOL And yes, I've been watching other shows, just can't get that out of my head!
  6. Love love love The Woodlands show. Don't know about difficulty or if it's clean, but dang it's entertaining! If you didn't watch on multi-cam - do it! Those kids' faces are everything! So much fun.
  7. Ok glad it's not just me. I'm using my Samsung TV web browser to watch. Tried mirroring it from my phone to see if that was better, but it's worse!
  8. Every time it runs, it shuts down my browser and I have to reload the site. Annoying.
  9. I hate to bog this down with questions about the live stream - if there's another thread, someone please direct me. After every band, I get the general announcements, and even some of the MFA ads, then a black screen or freeze. Have to reload, or at least select the other camera feed to get it going again. Anyone else? Anyone have ideas? Watching using a TV web browser cabled directly to the modem. Or if any experts, please PM me. Thanks!
  10. My hero! Thanks! Holy Color Guard! I'm sure it's been discussed, but anyone know how many they have in Guard? And they included on of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs....
  11. Is there a way on Flomarching to rewind? I missed Reagan and CTJ (boss insisted on taking me out for a margarita! LOL). If not,anyone got a capture of the stream (is that even possible??)
  12. Wow - just watched the Woodlands video and Holy Cow they've improved since BOA Houston! It seems like it changed a LOT - am I imagining that? As a TWHS parent, I missed that Woodlands "edge" when I first watched it from BOA, but this has come along by leaps and bounds!
  13. Nope , Houston. I really believe it's FloMarching just really stinks in providing a solid product. Wish they would find someone else. But, I haven't seen a commercial since this morning. Weird!
  14. It's not your storm...did the same here. During The Woodlands....almost lost it!
  15. There was for the regionals....at least for the block of bands. Seems to have been removed for the Super.
  16. darn! I thought it started at 8!! ugh....wish there was a way to rewind the live stream.
  17. As expected, response from cust service is "clear your cache and cookies." I told them 3 times, it is NOT my system but their feed. Hope it gets better before finals.
  18. Agreed. Use contact and send them a message. They always come back and say it's your system, but if several people contact maybe they will address. The replay is just as bad.
  19. Thank you for posting. Thought it was just mine. Freezing, jumping, no sound. Hope it is fixed quickly! I do think you can go back and replay but not sure the replay will be solid.
  20. Off topic, but just rewound back to the opening shots of the day on the live feed. What a gorgeous shot over the stadium of the sun coming up!!
  21. Anyone who's streaming - the sound is really quiet for me. Barely can hear the announcer. I can crank the volume way up I suppose, but am I missing some setting to adjust sound on the feed?
  22. I am chuckling a little bit at the thought. I don't think people who are not involved with band get it. They think - what's the big deal, either way they are playing their instruments. I'm sure once they realized the passion these kids have to perform for people who actually care about what they are doing, it was an easy decision. Very happy with the outcome!
  23. I have already (within 30 minutes) received the canned response back from Curtis Null. Seems like he is deferring it to Dr. Landy. As 2 new administrators, they have the opportunity to make a change. His response said "it is my understanding this plan was put in place last spring." I didn't get a good vibe from it, but I'm hopeful.
  24. Curious if you know when and where this meeting will take place and if a "peaceful protest" might be in the works? Perhaps even recruiting some football players (longshot I know given the short time frame)
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