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  1. There are problems with your ideas. The UIL would not change its parameters for BOA. The fact is that less than 200 High Schools compete in BOA. The majority of High Schools in the state would not vote for this. The number of Bands competing in BOA in Texas have been rather consistent at about 200 schools. That is less than 20% of the High Schools. The problem most people do not seem to understand is that BOA support is primarily in the class 5A & 6A Ranks. UIL makes its decisions on what is best for ALL Schools and most of the smaller schools cannot afford the luxury of BOA. That is a tr
  2. I think there is interest in starting middle school programs, however the cost is high and many schools do not have the funds that the more affluent schools have. I live in a District where 59% of our students are on 3 meals a day provided by the school system. The fine arts department two years ago asked if Guard was worth more to the Music programs than Middle School Orchestras. The Orchestras won hands down. We now have 4 middle school orchestras (out of 9 Middle schools and one 50 piece HS Orchestra). The cost of start ups were similar in that they would have to hire certified teachers f
  3. It seems that many folks, especially those in other School systems have questions about Highland Park. Remember this, they last were in 6A in 2014. They always seem to come in just under the 6A enrollments. Obiviously they have found a way to do this on a frequent basis.
  4. The UIL is making the cutoff for 5A at 2220 students. Highland Park comes in at 2209 students which means 5A Again. This is from the UIL Re Alignment listed yesterday.
  5. They have been in 6A before, making the finals of the 2014 Area C 6A Marching Contest. I do agree they are very small for competition in 6A. They were the 2nd Smallest Band in the 5A State Championships.
  6. Highland Park won the Midlothian Marching Contest and the Mansfield Preview Marching Contest. They also finished first in the AREA C Prelims and won the Area C 5A Marching Championships. Do not expect them to move up to 6A. Highland Park always tends to come in under the 5A enrollment limit. They have a very well funded Band Program.
  7. I have a serious question for you. In your region how many of the schools are Class 1A to 3A. How many are class 4A to 6A. I live in a Region where 40 of the 66 schools are 1A-3A. 10 are 4A, 9 are 6A, and 11 Are 5A. How does the numbers compare. Question 2. How far due your Schools and Bands travel to football games, both non-league and region. In my region most of the Schools in the 3A leagues travel approximately 50 to 75 miles one way for a football game. Thus a football game requires lets say three busses for a 100 member group which includes Dance Team(most small schools do not have
  8. I think that if the costs for BOA was not as high as it is. some Bands could do it. Remember 3A Schools have between 300 and 450 students. Compare that to the 6A Schools with over 2200 students and from major population areas and you can see the difference. I agree that they do well with small enrollments and more limited financial support. Unfortunately Money plays a big part in Bands attending contests now.
  9. One thing about UIL if you do not like the way a Band has been judged in Prelims, you can have the assurance that 5 different judges will do the Finals in your Class. Having a different panel of judges for Prelims and Finals I think would make it less likely that one Band will be trampled by the Judges.
  10. Results of the NMSU TOB Finals on Nov 2 at NMSU Stadium. Las Cruces, NM Score 93.8 Hanks, Grand Champion 91.9 Eastlake & Pebble Hills, 2nd Place Tie 90.9 Coronado 88.6 Onate 86.4 El Dorado 86.0 Montwood 84.8 Americas 83.0 Franklin 81.0 Horizon.
  11. The situation with the Rose Parade brings out some very unpleasant memories about how the BOA got Bands in the Rose Parade. First let me explain I grew up in Southern CA and marched with the Spirit of Troy in the Rose Parade while in College. I also worked with Bands in CA that were trying to go to the Rose Parade and had to deal with the Tournament of Roses. The story is not a pretty one. 1. The TOR wants Bands that are at least 250 members. The Bigger the better. . In 2005 Nacogdoches represented TX(Great Band but not enough folks for the TOR) The next year Kingwood represented the Lone S
  12. Results of the NAMMB Marching Contest. The following Bands were awarded Superior Marching Awards * Class 2A 1. Timpson 2. Beckville 3. Carlisle San Augustine Class 3A 1. New Diana 2. Hemphill 3. Ore City Class 4A 1. Spring Hill 2. Carthage 3.Pittsburg Bullard Chapel Hill Center Henderson Brownsboro Class 5A 1. Lufkin 2. Cleveland 3. Lindale Whitehouse Class 6A 1. Longview 2. Kingwood.
  13. I find this a really stupid comment. FYI, if you were following the UIL Music program web site a couple of years ago, it was decided that the time limit had to be enforced because many of the Bands that had large items to get off the field were consistently going over time because the Directors felt that UIL would never enforce this rule. As you might be aware, last year the Biggest Band in the State of TX was rightly penalized because they did not plan how to get all the performers and props off the field after 8 minutes. Interestingly enough, the folks at Allen did not complain about this.
  14. 32 Bands from TX, NM, and AZ will compete in the 42 annual NMSU TOB at Las Cruces, NM on Saturday the 2nd of Nov 2019. The UIL Region A 2019 5A Marching Band Champion, Hanks HS of El Paso, will compete prior to their departure to San Antonio for the UIL State Marching Contest. Bands Competing and times of performance at the MNSU stadium are as follows 8:30 Morenci, AZ 8:45 San Elizario, TX 9:00 Cloudcroft, NM 9:15 Silver, NM 9:30 Gadsden, NM 9:45 Los Lunas, NM 10
  15. The NAMMB announced the lineup for the Texas State Military Marching Band Contest, being held on 2 NOV at SFA Univ in Nacogdoches. The lineup includes 32 Marching Bands including the appearance of Longview in Contest for the first time in Many years. Other new Bands are Whitehouse and Athens. Schedule is as follows; Class 2A Overton 1:00 Joaquin 1:15 Cushing 1:30 San Augustine 1:45 Harleton 2:00 West Sabine 2:15 Timpson
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