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  1. finals captions Music Performance: Cypress Woods High School Visual Performance: Bridgeland HS General Effect: Bridgeland HS Percussion Unit: Clear Brook High School Auxiliary Unit: Clear Brook High School
  2. College park had to drop. They are dealing with a lot of kids out with flu. Unfortunately it just was too many to try and still perform without. Spring hs dropped as well. Not sure of their reason.
  3. Wow. With all the legitimate things going on in the schools and fine arts programs getting cut- it boggles my mind that someone would go on a tirade about a show theme. I’m sorry RR is being targeted by this person.
  4. Such an inspiring story! The video circulated through our band family’s Facebook posts this past week. So fantastic!
  5. I loved their show!!! Bummed they didn’t make finals!
  6. 😇 I gotta be confident in my kids that they’ll not drop to 3rd place. It’s going to be a great day tomorrow… hot, but great!! I hope everyone has a great run and is happy with their performances. 🤩
  7. This would be pretty shocking to see…. Not saying it’s impossible, but I’ll say it’s pretty improbable.
  8. I agree, I thought Oak Ridge looked great! I can’t wait to see as they add to it in the next few weeks. All the bands locally suffered from the afternoon rains the last 2 weeks here… so they are playing catch up trying to catch up on practice time lost. Paying for morning rain and afternoon sunshine these next 2 weeks!
  9. Will get to see oak ridge tonight as we have a Thursday night game with them today.
  10. The Pit probably wasn’t brought out because it was still raining. They almost left the woodwinds instruments in cases in the stands. There was a lightning delay and steady rain the entire first half. Cleared up enough to pull the woodwinds instruments out for the performance and then dry and put them back away for the second half.
  11. Yep it doesn’t hurt as much since they’re one of the top teams in the state.
  12. And we are getting slaughtered. 🤣
  13. The Woodlands plays North Shore tomorrow night. Should be a good game. Two teams that are expected to be good. And two bands that are pretty decent.
  14. Nice article they did on the WGI website. https://www.wgi.org/thewoodlandshsthedoorsareopen/
  15. And the best thing to do through prelims is seat hop as people move from the prime center seats… just move on over from the 10-30 yard lines that are available if you don’t make it at door opening- towards to the center ones you want for the final block. Lol.
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