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  1. I think after the second semi-finals.. i heard they are taking the top ones of them all combined.
  2. I only have the last 4 seasons of knowledge since that’s when my daughter became involved with guard at mccullough, but in the 2018-19 school year is when they started having a color guard pe class, instead of it just being an after school club. When it was an after school club they averaged around 60 girls trying out the year my daughter tried out for 7th grade. The next year when they opened it up for a pe credit- I think they had around 75 girls try out. The following years have had increasingly more- this last year I think it was over 100 that tried out. This year is the first year the
  3. Mccullough jr high is the feeder school for The Woodlands Highschool. They have a wonderful teacher (she teaches math the rest of the day) that teaches them during their class time who has a great dance background and works with them on choreography a lot. The Twhs guard director - Ms Robbins goes in and directs their practices and designed the Jv and varsity group programs. Just this last week Ms Robbins had a directors spotlight done on her on the tcgc Facebook/Instagram. The program has been gradually building the last few years as they were able to get a class approved for a pe cred
  4. I’ve enjoyed getting to watch the wgi shows on the weekends. Normally chaperoning I only get to watch our show- so it’s great to see so many shows each weekend on Flo. Miss the in person wgi events, but am glad we get a small version of in person with the tcgc local circuit.
  5. This was just posted on our band's facebook page- but it is important for all of texas. As always... read the bill and decide for yourself, but I do believe this could have detrimental effects down the line with funding to the fine arts programs. Parents, Teachers & Supporters of Fine Arts in Texas!! **This is an URGENT CALL TO ACTION** We have learned that the Texas State legislature will be voting on BILL HB434 **tomorrow (Tuesday)** which can effectively remove the requirement for schools to require a Fine Arts credit for graduation. This would be catastr
  6. Houston Area Band Directors! We are hoping to receive some feedback for Lone Star Preview this Fall. If you could take a moment of your time to let us know your thoughts in possibly participating, we’d greatly appreciate it! Lone Star Preview 2021 Date: October 9th** Location: Woodforest Stadium SAFETY PROTOCOLS The COVID-19 pandemic has been an evolving event, and it is sure to evolve more over the coming months. We will put a clear and effective plan in place to help keep students, parents, volunteers and staff safe and healthy once we have more details about wha
  7. I know this is mostly “preaching to the choir” here since most all parents that have found this forum already are aware of the benefits of band and our kids and their learning. But I came across this article, and I thought it was great and shows even more benefits of marching band that aren’t traditionally pointed out https://hechingerreport.org/opinion-band-offers-a-haven-for-the-student-who-marches-to-the-beat-of-a-different-drummer/?fbclid=IwAR0Bm5hH8k5UtO0mtgQmpigWoh_2oi4UW2OJdOb_ag0F0RxIF3WfhYo2MgM
  8. All I can see is that results won’t be released till Tuesday the 21st. No news from our band yet.
  9. No kidding! Our band parent text thread is blowing up with people trying to match up and get tickets... those that bought the “pods” and those that couldn’t get them. 😬
  10. Possibly? Not sure though. But the pit only has 5/6 kids in it... so that stands out to me vs the larger pit I’m used to seeing. It’s so hard to figure out how many they have short of counting... and it just feel’s smaller than last year.
  11. I thought oak ridge was great- but looks significantly smaller than they’ve been in the past few years. Since I haven’t seen anyone other than our area I can’t even begin to guess where they might rank. They still have a great sound and their color guard complements the show a lot.
  12. Twhs will do a one day trip. Those whose parents can drive them out will go with parents. Busses will be taken, with smaller numbers of students and masks worn for those that need busses. For area we averaged 10 kids per school bus. 8 busses- the rest went with parents. Honestly the fact that it’s the first day of finals and will cause them to have to take them late - and study and take finals the next day- might be causing more headaches for some parents/kids than the transportation to get out there.
  13. Area f has all advance ticket sales- none at the gate. I think each band was slotted 350 tickets... so 350x4- 1400 as the max I guess?
  14. Guard costumes are being sourced for a budget minded year... and they had just added the last part the day before... so still room for more there- as you probably know from experience how they build a show. glad you liked the weapon line... the guard lost a lot of seniors and the girls are working hard to keep it to a skill level they are known for.
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