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  1. I had a sneaking suspicion that we were building up to this, but I was not expecting us to be the first Houston band aside from the Woodlands to make the trip this decade. SSH! is going to be special. Very proud alumni moment 😎
  2. Despite this, I was still incredibly proud after seeing the recaps (it felt as if they “made finals” to me lol). Seven Lakes just had the best season in program history and is showing signs of moving up to the top tier of bands in the state. These recaps show that finals is a very real possibility for them in the future. They’ve gone a long way since I was a freshman there in 2015.
  3. Is Jordan HS at this contest? They might surprise some people.
  4. Glad to see the weather should be cooperative after all. Welcome to Legacy Stadium everyone!
  5. Woah every single regional is in Texas this year that’s crazy
  6. Looking at this list reminds me how much more stacked this competition is this year relative to last year
  7. I might be able to attend Waco this year. Thanks for giving me another reason to get excited!
  8. Jordan - A Warrior’s Path The new Katy school directed by former Clements director. Best of luck to this new band!
  9. I really want Oak Ridge, Bridgeland, Clear Brook, Cypress Woods, Cinco Ranch, Tompkins, and of course my alma mater Seven Lakes to break out. Would say the same about Pearland and SFA, but they pretty much already have. On another note: I am overwhelmed with curiosity about Jordan, the new Katy ISD school opening this year. Their director had been the head director at Clements (+ Bluecoats staff!), and their student pool is from Tompkins and Seven Lakes. Vast potential there already!
  10. And devastating. (Edit: This is my 237th post. My Fall 2017 self is now satisfied. I will not post any more. )
  11. Compare to Bridgeland: Although Bridgeland is a relatively new school, they had zero BOA SA experience prior to pulling the GN trigger.
  12. Seven Lakes has BOA Houston, Katy Marching Festival, and BOA SA on its calendar!
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