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  1. Hutto was 8th, Georgetown 9th. 3 judges has hutto in finals. 9 point gap between Hutto and Georgetown. 2 point gap between hutto and seguin in prelims
  2. In no order: Hutto Georgetown Pflugerville Weiss Dripping Springs McCallum Connally State: Dripping Springs, Weiss, McCallum
  3. Here is the schedule for this weekends USBands regional. Every band is guaranteed finals, and I'm wondering everyone's thoughts on placements. 01:00 PM Group II : Lexington High School (TX) (Lexington, TX) 01:15 PM Group II : San Saba High School (San Saba, TX) 01:30 PM Group III : Salado High School (Salado, TX) 01:45 PM Group III : Liberty Hill High School (Liberty Hill, TX) 02:00 PM BREAK 02:15 PM Group IV : Lampasas High School (Lampasas, TX) 02:30 PM Group IV : Shoemaker High School (Killeen, TX) 02:45 PM Group IV : Burnet High School (Burnet, TX) 03:00 PM Group V : William J. Br
  4. It was heartbreaking. That was by far our best season at the time and we knew we deserved to be there. Being a drum major at retreat expecting to hear your school's name called for the first time ever for finals and not having it happened was crushing, but I am so happy to see them continue to grow every year. Ill always remember the memories and Im proud to know I was apart of when we got better. They will soon be at state.
  5. In my opinion, Hutto got screwed over at Area in 2017. We deserved to be in finals, and when we performed, and other factors played into us not advancing. I was a drum major for Hutto in 2017, and schools that we had beaten by 3+ points all season advanced over us. Hutto got stronger in 2018, and I know they'll be back for vengeance in 2019.
  6. Hutto got 45th at BOA San Antonio and outplaced a lot of consistent area finalists and talented programs. I’d love to see them at state next year. Being an alum and seeing the growth every year, I believe it is very possible they will do well next year.
  7. It’s good to see my school getting better every single year(: So proud of the work they’ve done
  8. I just want to say, because this will probably be overlooked, Hutto attended BOA SA this year for their first BOA appearance ever and got 45th place! As a Hutto Alumnus it is so amazing to see the kids far exceed everyone’s expectations. Hopefully someday soon we will be contenders for even higher placings.
  9. I think they just had a bad draw at 3rd performance spot for Area Prelims this last year. 40 degrees and early scoring kind of screwed them over in my opinion. I believe they deserved to be in finals, and if they would have made it, could've had a shot at State.
  10. Just curious on everyone's opinion, they seem to be getting better every year. What do you all think?
  11. I wish I was able to view tonight. Excited to see the results!!
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