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  1. Tompkins is one of the hidden gems of houston. All they need is a show design to show off their rich musical talent a bit better.
  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Wakeland will be at least a silver medalist
  3. When was the last time there was a state comp without clements HS??
  4. Mustve been considering there placement at BOA Katy. I think they will be fine.
  5. I predict the finals results to be the exact same as they where in 2021, with one school out (idk which one). Spring beat a program that they have not beat since 2014 this past weekend, Klein Cain seems to be better than they have ever been, Oak Ridge is surging back to their pre 2020 levels, and The Woodlands is back competing for state this year.
  6. Yes, there strength is true raw performance and talent, which I think will pay off at UIL.
  7. My take on Dawson is that its easily the most talented band they have really ever had on the field but the show is designed in a way that every single mistake is glaringly obvious. Their first hit is at the level of a state finalist and then after that things get a little shaky.
  8. I think Dickinson will be fine barring who the judges are, they have my PERSONAL favorite ensemble sound in this area so far and have a very memorable show!
  9. Honestly I would have Katy in finals over Cy Falls. I am a huge fan of Cy-Falls resurgence the past 2 seasons but I think they took too big of a step up in demand and the students are having pacing issues. In the long run, they will be fine, but I think Katy is in a better position to take the last spot in finals.
  10. Honestly I see a shot in the dark second place finish for MG Johnson. They are so solid this year and it seems like everything is going right for them.
  11. I think Hanna typically is a late peaking band while Alexander peaks earlier based on what I've seen past seasons.
  12. I think splendora makes it. They where ahead of some decent 5a/6a bands at LSP and are very solid.
  13. I think Dulles makes it back into finals here for the first time in almost a decade. Very impressed with them.
  14. Houston 5a is weirder. Last year, there where some bands that had to drive an hour to get to area E, while the area I contest was literally in the same zip code (Barbers Hill, Baytown schools, La Porte, etc)
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