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  1. I also have to give a big shoutout to Plano East. They are a very under the radar DFW area powerhouse, with so much talent, but never quite has a design that translates well in BOA. This season, while they didnt place in the top 30, I believe was the best Plano East band in a LONG time. Very big sound and ambitious drill. Looking forward to 2021
  2. VERY excited to see Glenn. There going places. I saw them in BOASA prelims in 2019, and those kids were really getting into their performance and purely enjoying the moment.
  3. I agree, but I definitely think it is possible. Maybe not this year but in the near future at least. I have no affiliation with LCISD or Fulshear HS, but I am highly impressed with them and becoming a huge fan!
  4. No hate on Friendswood at all, they are an amazing band, but I think there is a 25% chance they might get surpassed by a certain other rapidly rising band in the area who wasnt quite in the picture yet in 2019
  5. They were the strongest 1st year band I have ever seen live, and that is saying alot considering how many restrictions there were. I think they are definitely a contender for state next year. Fulshear TX is now a major marching band community with both Jordan and Churchill Fulshear developing very strong programs in a short amount of time.
  6. Hey everyone, with the 2021 BOA season looking like it could be a reality, I would like to facilitate some more great discussion on here. Who Are you most excited to see in 2021?? Personally, I am excited to see everyone, but there are a few in my mind who I am really curious and excited to see for 2021. I am a Houston guy so bear with me. Heres a few: Johnson: They will have seniors! Cant wait to see this young band blow more people away. SFA: 2019 was a big comeback year for them, with their first super regional finals appearance in almost a decade, and a band that is much larger
  7. This contest is likely the most stacked non BOA/UIL competition in the nation. For example, there were several bands last year that didnt make finals at this comp who absolutely wowed when I saw them at other contests. Id even go as far to say that several bands who missed finals here last year could have made it in at BOA Houston, namely Weiss and Clements.
  8. I have heard from certain districts that they will still offer an online option, but should they choose it, they will be considered a student at the districts online academy. So while some programs may be a bit smaller, they will not have to worry about students not showing up/zooming in.
  9. This is crazy! There are literally 20+ schools with amazing programs!
  10. How is Oak Ridge this year? I haven't seen any bands outside of area I
  11. Maybe not the right thread for this but I just have to say, I was REALLY impressed with area I. I was there all day and really anyone through about 1th place could have advanced. I was in particularly proud of Cy Park and Cy Lakes who likely put out the best performance in school history. Very very very great stuff.
  12. I was there too. They put on a GREAT performance. I hope so too
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