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  1. Watch Westfields 2014 show and then watch their 2019 and 2021 shows. They are rising in the ranks again very fast.
  2. I am curious as to who NISD's fine arts director is. LOTS of good things going on across the board there.
  3. Anderson is a sleeper right now. Early season in 2021 they performed at a higher level than I have seen from them in maybe a decade, but sadly they sort of fell flat late in the season. If they can keep that momentum going, they are going to do very very big things.
  4. Winston Churchill got hit really hard by the pandemic numbers wise, but I still feel like they performed at really high levels. I think they will be fine, and should be comfortably in finals here.
  5. I think that the first four and last four bands in semis are the "next 8" scoring bands from prelims. If that is the case, Norwin was one of the top 11 bands from their prelims day.
  6. SFA put out some serious sounds for a band their size. Beautiful performance!
  7. When did that happen? I was in close proximity to the SFA kids and I saw nothing of the sort, or anything close to it.
  8. I know they didnt advance, but I just have to give major props to Westfield. This is the best they have been in easily over a decade. I might have had them much higher than they ended up, but I am just happy the Westfield band program is among the best again. The same goes for Spring. Wonderful things are going on in that district.
  9. Cy Falls is having a very slept on resurgence year. I really wish they were taking more than 4.
  10. Quite a few actually. Flowermound, Weiss, Wylie East, Burleson Centennial, Rouse, and maybe a few others.
  11. Kempner is a lock for finals. VERY strong this year
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