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  1. Not a full show video, but here’s a snare cam view of Hebrons show this year!! https://youtu.be/bIs3cHacjOw
  3. Alright I’m ready to be bombarded with DMs. I have Flower Mound and Hebron from today. Hit me up for a link
  4. They probably have a BOA length show (11min) and they started it around the 3 min remaining mark in setup time to allow for the whole show to be played in time.
  5. Definitely top 3 hebron show for me. I would still have to say 2015’s “360” is still my favorite, but this is number 2 with 2019’s Among the Stars at number 3.
  6. WAY TO GO HEBRON! Proud of my alma mater and so happy to see their well deserved win. Wasn’t expecting a sweep but oh man those visual/GE scores must have been close!! AIATT
  7. If anyone would like a video of Hebron's performance from tonight, pm me
  8. All throughout tonight I’ve seen field judges on the main field, a lot of the times in front of the battery, but definitely past the front sideline. Was just wondering if I missed a change
  9. Perhaps I missed something, but when did they start allowing judges back onto the field? I know they made a rule in 2019 restricting them to the sidelines.
  10. I probably missed something, but how long have the field judges been allowed past the front sideline? I thought they created a rule against that in 2019?
  11. If anyone would like a video of Hebron or FloMo from tonight, I gotchu
  12. Wow. Considerable gap between Flower Mound and Hebron in finals slots. Could we see an upset tonight?
  13. 4a captions were for sure interesting to say the least. Finals are going to be super competitive tonight!
  14. Anyone know how Leander’s tower props worked? Were the streamers shot out by students holding cannons? Super cool effect.
  15. Has someone gone over the time limit? Last three groups have started about a minute past their time slot.
  16. In case you wanted to check out Hebron's props this year going through construction... https://twitter.com/hbbcprops?lang=en ALL made by band parents
  17. Hebron's got some unique props this year. 5 staircase/stage pieces that form a star
  18. I can't talk about what Hebron has to offer, but if you thought that their last Grand Nats show was amazing....... just wait.
  19. Sculpt +1 Leonardo's Dream -2 On The Waterfront 32 Leonardo’s Dream 32 Sculpt 6 Polarity 25 Lost and Found 10
  20. I am a snare drummer from Hebron, we are good friends with the other LISD drumlines (FloMo, Marcus) and we are very happy to have put out such a moving performance. Sure, probably all of our group would've preferred first place, but when it comes down to it we had a lot of freshmen and rookies in our group this year, (12!!) and we were still able to put out a show that the crowd enjoyed. I personally am a sophomore this year, and will be Hebron's center snare next year, and we hope to progressively keep putting out more music for people to enjoy. Thanks for the kind words y'all. We as a group really appreciate it. Also, our drumline instructor went to Plano's drumline and gave the cymbal caption award to them. They really did deserve it. Until next year...
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