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  1. Not a full show video, but here’s a snare cam view of Hebrons show this year!! https://youtu.be/bIs3cHacjOw
  3. Alright I’m ready to be bombarded with DMs. I have Flower Mound and Hebron from today. Hit me up for a link
  4. They probably have a BOA length show (11min) and they started it around the 3 min remaining mark in setup time to allow for the whole show to be played in time.
  5. Definitely top 3 hebron show for me. I would still have to say 2015’s “360” is still my favorite, but this is number 2 with 2019’s Among the Stars at number 3.
  6. WAY TO GO HEBRON! Proud of my alma mater and so happy to see their well deserved win. Wasn’t expecting a sweep but oh man those visual/GE scores must have been close!! AIATT
  7. If anyone would like a video of Hebron's performance from tonight, pm me
  8. All throughout tonight I’ve seen field judges on the main field, a lot of the times in front of the battery, but definitely past the front sideline. Was just wondering if I missed a change
  9. Perhaps I missed something, but when did they start allowing judges back onto the field? I know they made a rule in 2019 restricting them to the sidelines.
  10. I probably missed something, but how long have the field judges been allowed past the front sideline? I thought they created a rule against that in 2019?
  11. If anyone would like a video of Hebron or FloMo from tonight, I gotchu
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