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  1. Area G 5A 1. Lopez (state) 2. Dulles (state) 3. Clements 4. Alexander 5. McAllen 6. Harlingen South 7. United 8. Edinburg North 3A 1. Port Isabel (state) 2. Grulla (state)
  2. Yeah, haha, I know how it sounds, but the Region 15/28 UIL contests truly are an event that the entire community comes out to support. At the end of the contest all competing bands come out on the field for retreat. There are 20-ish bands that are on the field at the same time. It really is something to see.
  3. First of all, welcome to TxBands! We don't get to many kids from South Texas posting on here anymore but we are glad to have you. Well having competed in the La Joya regional twice, I can definitely say it was a couple different factors. The BOA entry fees are usually higher than other local contests which led to a lack of interest in this particular regional. There was another regional scheduled for 2006 in Donna but those were some of the reasons it was cancelled. As for retreat, at our region 15/28 contest, there is a full retreat/pass in review and all the division announcem
  4. Nice, my old high school is stepping it up! Congrats to all the bands who competed.
  5. I have an unconfirmed report that Lopez and Harlingen both advanced out of Area G. Lopez getting the top spot. I will check with my source asap.
  6. That will look great on the field. I myself am a fan of white uniforms. It just gives the band a more sophisticated look.
  7. Cool deal. Texas A&M is a great school with a pretty decent amount of performing music groups if you want to keep playing. Let me know if you need any info. Whoop!
  8. For those people in South Texas, the Donna Tournament of Bands is a pretty good taste of what the Area G 5A contest is like. Here is the schedule for the 2009 contest: Santa Rosa (2A) 10:00am Raymondville HS (3A) 10:15 Lyford (3A) 10:30 Mercedes HS (4A) 10:45 Roma (4A) 11:00 Weslaco East HS (4A) 11:15 Edcouch-Elsa (4A) 11:30 Porter HS (5A) 11:45 Lunch Pace HS (5A) 1:15pm Harlingen South (5A) 1:30 United HS (5A) 1:45 Edinburg North(5A) 2:00 San Benito HS (5A) 2:15 Edinburg HS (5A)
  9. Here is what I know of Area G so far. I'm not 100% sure of the last two. Harlingen HS: Powered by Metal: The Music by Metallica Hanna HS: "Running" Donna HS: Reflections San Benito HS: Letters from Home (Churchill's 2006 show) Los Fresnos HS: Carnivale PSJA North HS: Les Miserables Weslaco HS: Dick Tracy in Gangsta Jazz Edinburg HS: Chaos Theory* Harlingen South HS: Music from the James Bond films?*
  10. From what I understand the administration at Churchill had ridiculous restrictions and requirements for show design and they did not want to put up with it anymore, thus the open positions. I'm not sure how true this is but if a WCHS student could confirm this then we can discuss until out hearts are content.
  11. Texas A&M University... once again. Whoop!!!
  12. Well that would make sense. I've seen a lot of similarities in show design, especially this past season.
  13. Just wondering, do you all have a Santa Clara alum/staffer working for you all?
  14. My high school played one of your pieces as a warm up in the lot last year. -Sweet Tea -Donna HS Percussion Ensemble -Fall 2007 Hope that helps.
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