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  1. Very proud of the Friendswood kids. 3 different asst directors in as many years and this summer started totally new drill after 3 weeks of summer camp. That's not easy. Also with moving from 6A to 5A this is the only year the juniors have ever been to State. So happy those kids placed 6th!
  2. Band mom, booster president, marching festival co-chair, lead chaperone......etc Boys play trumpet and trombone.
  3. Results from the Katy Marching Invitational finals 10/12/19 9: Galena Park 8: Magnolia 7: Shadow Creek 6: Tomball Memorial 5: Foster 4: Tomball 3: Bridgeland 2: Westfield 1: Friendswood ~ Grand Champions
  4. Of the past 4 years last year was our lowest placement. 2015 we were #15 in prelims just missing finals, 2016 #25 in prelims, 2017 #28 in prelims, 2018 #37 in prelims.
  5. One HS asst director moved to Dawson, still have the same head director and 1 jr high director left but the new head director has been there for years and is doing great things with the jr high kids.
  6. Way to go Friendswood! Scholastic A 1 Friendswood HS (Friendswood, TX) 87.945 I 2 The Colony HS (The Colony, TX) 86.720 I 3 Alvin HS (Alvin, TX) 84.410 I 4 Berkner HS (Richardson, TX) 83.495 I 5 Keller HS Varsity (Keller, TX) 82.930 I 6 Winston Churchill HS (San Antonio, TX) 82.705 I 7 Lamar HS (Arlington , TX) 81.360 I 8 Pearland HS (Pearland, Texas) 80.590 I 9 Bryan HS (Bryan, TX) 80.405 I 10 Timberview HS (Arlington, TX) 77.355 I 11 Seven Lakes HS (Katy, TX) 76.970 I 12 Clements HS (Sugar Land, TX) 76.660 I 13 Azle HS (Azle, Texas) 75.565 I
  7. Friendswood has always required a physical as well. We offer a Saturday the kids can come to the school to have one or lots of clinics will do them for $25/$35. No starting summer camp without it on file.
  8. Yes, he is the new asst director. There is also a new CG director, Stephanie Chavez.
  9. Friendswood's score this year was higher than 2015 when they came in at 15. 2015: 83.20 4th in class 2017: 84.95 4th in class
  10. They did but came in lower at Lone Star Preview: Place Band 1 Cy-Fair High School 2 North Shore High School 3 Clear Brook High School 4 Friendswood High School 5 Brazoswood High School 6 Dawson High School 7 Oak Ridge High School 8 Stephen F. Austin High School 9 College Park High School 10 Westfield High School
  11. Thanks for doing Pit crew! You guys rock! I'm also one rushing in last minute and rushing out when my band is done. I'm a lead chaperone. I have to run out and get my kids.
  12. Can you imagine the competition if we had not had Harvey this year? It did affect those schools on the coast that lost a good couple of weeks practice.
  13. I have 4 boys. We've been involved in pretty much everything, football, soccer, baseball, band....... Nothing even come close to band. These kids are so amazing and supportive. Band events are the only place I've ever seen other kids shouting out "good luck", "good show" and giving other bands high 5's. I've never seen a sports team cheering for another sports team at a competition. A lot of the parents are the same but not all. I think it comes down to what kind of band parent you are. You are either a band parent (and you rock!!) or you're a parent with a kid in band. There's a huge difference between the two.
  14. I measure my boys high school years not by years but by marching seasons left. We band all the time so when the youngest graduates it going to be a sad time. Though so far they both plan to march in college so it won't be the same but still some shows to look forward to. I'm so thankful for their band years though. There's nothing like marching band and your marching band family.
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