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  1. I think it would be awesome if it happened, but keep in mind the Flower Mound was not competing at BOA San Antonio.
  2. So is top 3 for state CTJ, Flower Mound, and Hebron now?
  3. Congrats to Timber Creek and Southlake. As well as Coppell for winning. This is the first time (depending on how you count 2018) that Keller has not won their area since 2006.
  4. How many times in a row has it been for Timber Creek being the alternate? I think every time since opening.
  5. Taken from the HornRank boards, and by user/mod hewhowaits, here is the break down of who made semis from which panel and broken down by class. Panel 1 Class AAAA Ayala Centerville Hebron Homestead Lakota West Panther Creek Plymouth-Canton Rockford The Woodlands Union Vandegrift Panel 1 Class AAA James Madison (class advancer) Leander Panel 1 Class AA Greenfield Central (class advancer) Lake Hamilton Panel 1 Class A Estill County (class advancer) Norton (class advancer) Panel 2 Class AAAA Avon Ben Davis Brownsburg Carmel Claudia Taylor Johnson Fishers Forest Hills Harrison James F. Byrnes Lawrence Township Park Vista Round Rock William Mason Panel 2 Class AAA Chattahoochee (class advancer) Milford (class advancer) Panel 2 Class AA Jenison Marian Catholic Miamisburg North Hardin Panel 2 Class A Beechwood (class advancer) Bourbon County (class advancer)
  6. I’ll be the first to admit that I call out poor UIL judging and numbers management, but nothing seemed egregious or surprising. If this is the type of scoring we get every year, I’ll be much happier. Congrats to all of the 5A bands on a great year.
  7. I think Semis would really help the judges and the performers. But how does it practically work? Does the competition start on Thursday? Or go into Sunday?
  8. The little quartet section was a lot of fun and some great playing be the Legacy kids.
  9. I would have them over Cedar Ridge, which would be a good indicator or making the last couple spots of finals. I think Top 17 at least in the end.
  10. I am really enjoying the playing by Sandra Day O'Connor, I would have originally had them in the low 30s and I see them as a 18-22 band. Might be best musically so far.
  11. Westwood was really nice and enjoyable. Show didn't seem quite as difficult as the usual top 14 but it was definitely well executed.
  12. Cedar Ridge was really good, but I am not certain that performance will get them in to the Top 14. But I don't know how the judging blocks are all divided to they could make it in as a Next 4 depending on how even the judging is between the two panels.
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