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  1. The number on the sheet is reflective of the performance that evening. Evidence in point, nearly every corps’ scores go up at every show all season with no dips. And some groups never have any variance in sub caption placement all season.
  2. In DCI there is great debate whether the Brass judges are call it like it is on a night in night out basis. But this is UIL
  3. We see this all the time in DCI and WGI when it comes to percussion. I’ve always been happy with Drum Judges because they always seem to be the best judges to call it like it is that night. There is minor variance in judges that seem just to score battery with more weight over the front ensemble and those that tend to give them a more equal weight. I’ve listened to a bunch of DCI drum tapes on the bus and the score is reflected in the comments for sure. I hope that we start to get the same outcomes in BOA and UIL. No matter the group, what you put on the field that night gets the score it deserves.
  4. I’d have Hebron 20th maybe, and if they spent the same amount of time as a DCI group maybe 15th. It’s a different beast entirely.
  5. I do wonder about the acoustics of the Ford Center, but I bet the seating would be lacking for a Super Regional.
  6. One was at Pennington Field in Bedford and called the DFW Regional on Oct 8th. The other was in Prosper and called the North Texas Regional on Oct 15th.
  7. Actually, I think it is purely difficulty scored on the achievability of your students. All of the other scores show the execution whereas content will be only difficulty. But again only difficulty that is achievable by your students and also not too easy.
  8. In a traditional context it means difficulty and level of achievement combined. You can have the hardest possible thing written, but if it is higher than the capability of your students you won’t get credit for it. Also if everything is too easy then your score won’t be as high either. UIL is known for weird scoring, so they might not even do it this way.
  9. Or another way to look at it, only 2 of the 5 judges saw them as state advancing where as the majority did not.
  10. Aside from your first place group not getting a single 1 ordinal from any judge.
  11. I took all of the ordinals form the top 13 and put them all in a spreadsheet, it was actually a little difficult to discern some of the scores, but with the totals correct I think I have it. There were some interesting gaps and interesting disagreements between judges.
  12. Some of these individual judges have some funky ordinals that make even decoding the fuzzy numbers difficult. For example, one judge gave a group the following numbers: 3 7 2 1 3 and this led to them getting an ordinal of 2 from the judge. This makes me think that there will definitely be some movement in the finals rankings!
  13. I pulled it up on my laptop, if anyone has any questions of the ordinals I can probably grab them for you.
  14. Do we know which judges may move captions from Prelims to Finals? That could give us some insight to the possibilty of some moving ordinals.
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