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  1. I've heard from multiple directors that there are actually 21 participants, I'm trying to get more info but we'll know for sure when the schedule is released.
  2. Churchill has not been scoring great this year, placed significantly behind both Hays and McNeil at TMC earlier this season.
  3. Headed out to the Region contest in Abilene, hopefully they take card cause there's no Wells Fargo ATM out here to get cash out of.
  4. The last region contest for Area C doesn't really matter because there are only 2 4A bands in Region 9. Both automatically advance to area regardless of what rating they get, only way they don't is if they DNA or get a DQ.
  5. There are only 29 bands in your list and that lines up with what I have, so only 5 will advance from Area D
  6. Area H is guaranteed to take 4, all 23 bands got a 1 at region. I actually think there’s a decent chance we’ll see bad judge rule in Area A. Permian will likely sweep and then it’ll be very close between the likes of Pebble Hills, Eastlake, and maybe Coronado.
  7. The most likely scenario with the results we have is 39, so it will probably just be 12 in finals again. But if somehow we do get 40 at state due to a bad judge rule or something similar, then yes 14 will make finals.
  8. Alright, I've got all the UIL results that came in today, still waiting on some of Region 28 and all of Regions 15 and 17. If anyone has the results before Texas Music Forms gets them up it would be appreciated if you could post them here. EDIT: I stayed up long enough to see the rest of Region 28 and 15, Region 17 continues to be an enigma
  9. You should join the HornRank forums, there's a lot of discussion of non-Texas competitions there. Plus I help with the moderation so I am legally obligated to shill.
  10. Edited the original post, there is now a link to a second spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zr5UfrRdfXCtw2f-DVBWbim6uTtCnG4zwFev_9MNdwU/edit?usp=sharing) which has the programs organized into their Areas and shows the maximum possible number of state spots. The bands with an asterisk by their name are bands that will qualify for Area regardless of how they score, more will be added if regions don't reach the minimum of 2 bands per class advancing.
  11. I'm assuming this contest was also rescheduled given the weather and the fact that we don't have results yet.
  12. Only one region contest today, and that's Region 25 2A-4A. Originally Region 3 3A/5A and Region 20 6A were supposed to occur today, but they've been pushed to next week (as is now reflected in the spreadsheet. Yesterday was a big first day! Congratulations to Rivercrest, a 2A in Region 4 for getting their first 1 in marching band in school history! We also got to see every region that makes up 5A Area F, so we now know that there will be 22 bands competing for 4 state spots. A majority of 6A Area B regions had their contest yesterday and all that remains is Region 20, but it is looking like that Area will unfortunately only be taking 5 to state this year. Other Areas effected by yesterday's results are 6A and 5A Area H and 5A Area C. No big surprises for those contests other than only 4/5 of the 5As in Region 4 getting a 1, which has a small chance of putting the 5th state spot in Area C in jeopardy.
  13. It's done for balancing cause if you had Vandegrift, Vista Ridge, Lake Travis, and Westlake and in the same area as Round Rock, Westwood, Cedar Ridge, and James Bowie, you'd have potential state finalists not even making state. They're split up to ensure that all of the best bands are making it to state.
  14. Here's all 22 bands who received a 1 today: Aledo Azle Birdville Birdville Richland Burleson Burleson Centennial CFB Creekview CFB Smith Cleburne EMS Saginaw Fort Worth Arlington Heights Fort Worth North Side Fort Worth Southwest GC Colleyville Heritage GC Grapevine Granbury Joshua Mansfield Legacy Mansfield Summit Mansfield Timberview Midlothian White Settlement Brewer
  15. Anybody at contests today, it would be appreciated to send updates here because texasmusicforms.com tend to lag a bit. I've got someone taking care of Region 4.
  16. Is Galena Park not doing well this year? I'd expect them to be in running too. Also Tomball moved up to 6A as of 2020.
  17. Tomorrow we've got quite a few region contests, here's what we've got: Region 4: Class 1A Class 2A, 4A (Area C) Class 5A (Area C) Region 5: Class 4A (Area D) Class 5A (Area F) Class 6A (Area B ) Region 30: Class 5A (Area F) Class 6A (Area B ) Region 31: Class 4A (Area B ) Class 5A (Area F) Class 6A (Area B ) Region 32: Class 5A (Area H) Class 6A (Area H)
  18. Region 22 had their contest yesterday, a few things of note: There are only 15 bands in 6A Area A and Socorro got a 2 which, means there will only be a max of 2 bands going to state (barring bad judges rule). All but 3 5A bands in the region got a 1 yesterday, which bodes well for 5A Area A potentially taking 5 bands to state instead of just 4 like in 2019. Fabens is a 4A band right by the New Mexico and they just got straight 1s from all 3 judges. I'd have to look back to see when the last time they got a 1 at region, but this is the first time in quite a while for sure. The spreadsheet goes back to 2014 and they were making 3s at that time. Not sure if this impacts how many bands who will go to state, but it's always great to see a band find new success.
  19. Also from what I understand, Bowie is not competing here. They are attending BOA Waco and don't have Area or State on their calendar at all.
  20. Sad to see Dripping Springs drop, but I'll take every minute of sleep I can get! I'm not getting into Austin until 2am Saturday morning.
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